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Xiaomi 1MORE E1026BT True Wireless Earphones Geekbuying Coupon Code [Germany Warehouse]

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Bluetooth 5.0 True wireless

Support Fast Charge Charge 15mins, you can use it 3 hours

Support Qualcomm®aptX Mand AAC HD Bluetooth Imported qualcomm chip, support aptX hd bluetooth. For iOS devices, headphones also have AAC hd codec technology that optimizes sound quality realistic reproduction of the original sound and audio details of the call.

Either earphone can be used separately Each one earphone can be used to listen to music or talk without master-slave setting (most of the true wireless earphones in the market have master-slave relationship, only one earphone can be used with one ear).

Special Titanium diaphragm moving coil unit Warm and delicate vocal and instrumental music, solid and right place drum, sound to atmosphere charming experience from ear to ear. This is originating from the special 7mm Titanium composite diaphragm moving coil unit, with precision acoustic measurement system, restore the real texture in the melody Less

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  • True Wireless Bluetooth 5
  • Ready To Use Auto Pair
  • 15-M Fast Charge Enables 3-H Use
  • aptX/AAC Compatible
  • Qualcomm® Chip Stable Connection
  • Multiple Pairing Modes Any One Switch Over
  • 24-H Battery Life 96-H Standby
  • DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation

Xiaomi 1More E1026BT Best Price DEALS

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Mobile-phone-leveled chip results in outstanding performances, bringing about faster connection, stronger anti-interference and more stable use experience.

  • Bluetooth® 5 High speed transmission Strong anti-interference
  • Professional & high quality Steady connection

TRUE WIRELESS READY TO USE The Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones feature automatic pairing, just take them out of the case and it will automatically connect to your phone (after first use) for quick and easy access to phone calls or music.


  • 15-Minutes fast charge in case enables 3-Hours use
  • Earbuds fully charged 6.5-Hours talk / playback 96-Hours standby
  • Case fully charged provides 3-time charge
  • Earbuds + case fully charged 24-Hours talk / playback


  • Standard Mode Immersive listening experience
  • Single Mode Any one can switch over with phone call and playback functions.

Sharing is Caring* For the ideal listening experience, two working earbuds should be no more than 10 m (33 ft.) apart.

HEAR MORE. WORRY LESS. Qualcomm® aptXTM Audio Technology & AAC Compatible

A Bluetooth® chip aptX and AAC hi-res transmission technology is optimized for better sounding Bluetooth® audio at similar bit rates. Enjoy higher resolution music and a higher decoding rate that allows for less storage.


Designed for compact earbuds, the 7mm dynamic driver with a titanium composite diaphragm balances powerful bass and exquisite detail. It reproduces crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact design for enhanced efficiency,


DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology for environmental noise cancellation provides crystal clear communication as if you were talking face-to-face.

  • DSP ENC Technology Improved SNR More noise cancellation
  • MEMS Microphone Compact design with high stability


A customized LDS antenna, laser-shaped on internal side of the earpiece, is designed to ensure a smooth connection for music and phone calls due to less signal interference and transmission

  • Avoid internal signal interference High penetration
  • Wider area Intensive RF coverage
  • Accurate Laser PCBA High consistency and stability
  • Tiny size and less PCB room Compact shape of product



Prior to the commonly used PVD process, NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization) is an eco-friendly vacuum plated coating process to provide both a sleek metallic finish and stable signal transmission

  • Non-conductive vacuum plated coating Zero signal interference
  • Sweatproof, wear resistant Long-lasting colors

Lightweight & Compact Design Fits In Your Pocket & Bag Earbuds and case weight 52.8 g which is merely an egg.

One Button For Voice Control Double click the functional button when Bluetooth® is on, and no music is playing, to activate Siri or Google Assistant on your mobile device. Less