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XIAOMI Bcase DSHJ-L-007 Rocket Mosquito Killer Best Price DEALS

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ROCKET Mosquito Killer

-Childlike Rocket Shape
-Precision Physical Mosquito Killer
-Removable Mosquito Storage

Bring Childlike Interest To Children
Childlike Rocket Shape The shape of the small rocket is full of childhood fun, the body is round and angular, reducing the possibility of accidental scratching and bumping of the baby. The combination of orange and blue can be very lively and lovely. The shape of the four claws, the bottom center is stable and not easy to be knocked over

Accurate Coverage, Gentle And Harmless
Physical Mosquito Killing Because mosquitoes prefer ultraviolet light,Rocket Mosquito Killer will inhale mosquitoes into the box for storage mosquitoes.Chemical insecticides are not used at working, and physical mosquito killing is safer. Can accurately cover the bed head area and protect the children for one night.

UV Violet Light Band: 368mm

Noise Value : 35db

Fan Speed: 2300RPM

Polish Every Product Detail
Exquisite Product Structure
The Rocket Mosquito Killer’s parts have been polished in dozens of crafts to make the curves of the body to be more fit and smoothly.The body color has been adjusted many times to create a very full and bright appearance color.

Green, No Smoke, No Vlatile Gases
Purple Light Temptation Mosquito
Because mosquitoes prefer ultraviolet light,dark light reduces visual disturbances and makes it easier to work at night. No fumes, dust and irritating odors are produced during work,reducing the posibility of respiratory discomfort.

  • Imitation Of Human Breath Temptation Capture
  • Imitation Of Human Temperature Temptation Capture
  • Harmless Light Wave

Wider Usage Scenarios

USB Power Supply Powered by the Micro USB interface,The Rocket Mosquito Killer is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charging treasures. Fun rocket design, adaptable to children’s room, personal dressing table,
bedside cabinet, etc.

Convenient Operation

Extra Large Button The top of the orange switch button design,one button to open and close after power on, children can also easily use

Easy To Disassemble For Easy Cleaning

Removable Storage Mosquito Box The box for storing mosquitoes can be disassembled, washed,and dried to help reduce bacterial production.

OPEN According to the bottom arrow Rotate clockwise to remove the box that stores the mosquitoes

CLOSE According to the bottom arrow Rotate counterclockwise to install a box to store mosquitoes

Lock Mosquito Design Isolation of air ducts and savings of mosquito boxes reduces the escape of undead mosquitoes.Circulation design, does not affect wind.

Anti-mosquito Effect

Product Specifications Less

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