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Furniture Rescuer

  • Strong and durable
  • For All seasons
  • It’s in the nature of the cat
  • Fold and Reassemble

Sharpening the claws, having fun, both The entertainment world of cats It is a natural instinct for cats to sharpen their claws. Our products are specially designed for cats to sharpen their claws. The function of climbing and playing is integrated into one. It satisfies the cat’s dynamic nature and reduces the damage to the sofa furniture

Fun Hanging Ball toys, to stimulate hunting nature Hanging ball toys, easy to stimulate the cat’s hunting nature,and can bring innate quick reaction, the cat can get from it

Natural Jute Material, wear-resisting and durable Uses the natural jute material which the precision weaves,the manual winding craft, durable use

Simple design. Into a variety of home style Simple design, modeling simple and generous, visual comfort easy and a variety of home style with

The base is strong and stable for the maximum safety of the cat Base reinforcement and protection, with thick columns enhance the stability is not easy to dump can withstand the weight of cat less than 20kg, safe to play

Spare parts can be replaced without fear of wear and tear Let the cat play Jute Pillar and ball toys are wear-and-tear items all use replaceable structures, can be replaced freely

The Best Protection For A Cat Meet the standards of Hazardous Substances Detection Standards Quality Assurance, close contact with the cat is not worried

The base is fordable, simple and convenient


  • Hanging Ball Toy Fun with the cat removable and replaceable
  • Natural Jute Wear-resistant scratch-resistant
  • Collapsible seat