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Xiaomi noise reduction collar Bluetooth headset Wireless noise reduction Hybrid digital noise reduction, powerful noise cancellation Support Sony LDAC, high-definition sound quality, 20 hours battery life Moving coil + moving iron double unit, three-frequency equalization

Hybrid digital noise reduction for exclusive peace of mind The Xiaomi noise reduction collar Bluetooth headset adopts the Hybrid hybrid digital active noise reduction technology. Through the joint application of the feedforward microphone and the feedforward microphone, the noise is more comprehensively captured, and the active noise reduction effect is greatly improved, and the effect is obvious in the range of 50-2000 Hz. In addition, the low-frequency noise reduction function of the cabin, subway, bus and other environments has been deeply optimized, especially the low-frequency noise within 400Hz has significant noise reduction effect [1].

Two gears reduce noise, controllable Different noise reduction gears can be selected according to the environmental conditions, which is suitable for most commuting scenes. The strong noise reduction position* can effectively filter the noisy noise and enjoy the quiet world. The weak noise reduction position* reduces the pressure inside the ear, making it more comfortable and easier to wear.

Sony LDAC HD sound quality Support Sony LDAC Bluetooth technology [2], can transmit about 3 times [3] audio data of ordinary Bluetooth, bring more rich sound details, more pure sound, can hear almost lossless sound quality.

Big moving circle + moving iron double unit sounds, hear more details The Xiaomi noise reduction collar Bluetooth headset adopts 13.6 mm diameter large moving coil + moving iron acoustic structure. The moving coil unit makes the low frequency of the music more solid and stable. The addition of the moving iron unit makes the high frequency more translucent and stable The large moving coil + moving iron dual unit simultaneously sounds, which can effectively guarantee the powerful noise reduction effect, and has excellent music performance to achieve true tri-band balance.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology, unblock A new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, fast transmission speed, strong anti-interference ability, stable signal, low power consumption [4]. Whether it’s in sports, office or playing games, you can be free and unconstrained, so you can immerse yourself in the world of music anytime, anywhere [5].

Long-lasting battery life, good music without stopping The new generation of low-power chips is equipped with a large-capacity battery for long-lasting battery life, and music playback is about 20 hours or more [6]. Music + noise reduction is turned on at the same time, and it can last for about 15 hours or more. In your long-distance travel, you can provide sufficient power

  • 2 hours full
  • 15 hours noise reduction
  • 20 hours music playback

High-strength metal technology, very textured The metal casing is made of high-rigidity metal plating to make the body more lustrous. It not only improves the surface hardness, but also effectively protects the earphone from external force scratches. It also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and fading, which makes the earphone last longer.

Magnetic design, one touch The earphone unit adopts a magnetic design, which can be attached to the front of the neck at any time. When the earphone is not in use, the wire is entangled and knotted, and it is easy to store and convenient to carry. Less