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Fish bone locking system / ETPU high elastic midsole / High elastic knitted upper / Ergonomic sole

  • Knitting vamp
  • Fish bone constriction
  • In the high elastic bottom

Free to run

Using the popular one-piece fly knitting vamp, using a color design scheme of embedded in the visual perception and functional coexist in the “technology, these elements can make enough clouds play shock your sports fashion sneakers.

Star quality presenter: Wangdong FREETIE brand founder

Li ning has been working for 30 years. He was the first generation designer of li ning and the former design director of KAPPA and FILA of the Chinese Olympic team in Atlanta in 1996.

Fish bone locking system provides flexibility and support

A total of 10 TPU injection films on the left and right sides of the shoe surface constitute the entire fish bone locking system. It ensures the support of the shoes to the feet during exercise and reduces the risk of injury caused by exercise. The fish bone is independent of the vamp and, does not stick, just as the muscle is to the bone, which ensures flexibility and provides support.

ETPU high elastic midsole

Enjoy the comfort of technology The ETPU particles with elastic contact sense are made into the middle bottom with excellent shock absorption performance in the form of physical foaming. It can minimize ankle, knee and, ankle injuries during exercise.

High elastic knitted upper

Smooth and soft, breathable and comfortable The vamp is knitted with a flying texture. Each yarn consists of 4 strands of yarn and one rubber band, which ensures the flexibility and strength of the vamp. There is only one seam at the heel of the shoe. To the maximum extent, the seam and lamination are reduced so that the foot does not have any friction in the shoe. The high-bounce features make the whole shoe protective and soft and comfortable.

Ergonomic sole

Foot need to do a lot of different directions when the person is moving the bend, according to these possible bending, we have done some of rubber soles bending of special design, make the cloud spring damping shoes out sole is more accord, with human body engineering, try to meet the needs of most movement curve.

Bamboo charcoal fiber cloth inside, protect your ankle

High density sponges and green bamboo charcoal fiber cloth are used in the heel of the shoe to provide soft touch and comfort protection for the ankle.

Thickopen sponge insole to allow air to flow under the foot

Double front and back neckline straps make it more convenient to wear and take off shoes:

Reflective shoelaces at night provide extra protection for night runners

EVA heel equalizer is lighter than traditional material

On each morning, dressed in cloud spring damping sneakers, enjoy every joy running and bring the gift of nature, make you full of power, let oneself life more fulfilling.