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Descriptive Geometry C Series Smart Fish Tank Pro Version

Smart fish farming should be so simple Intelligent control, automatic timing feeding

  • 16 million full color gamut lighting
  • super filtering system
  • one-key water change

Provides two styles of smart feeding kit and smart Wi-Fi kit

  • Smart APP control
  • Automatic timing feeding
  • A1 smart lighting
  • Three-stage high efficiency filtration
  • One-click water change
  • Amphibious ecology

A tank in hand, no worries for lazy people Intelligent fish farming is fun Descriptive Geometry is coming with an upgraded version of the lazy fish tank, integrating the design concept of humanity and intelligence, the clever splicing of module combinations, and the dual fun of flower and fish appreciation.

Mijia APP intelligent control Open a new world of intelligent fish farming After the Wi-Fi smart box is connected to the Mijia APP, it can realize timing and quantification Automatic feeding, 16 million colorful lighting changes, water pump flow Adjust three major functions. You can remotely control the fish on business trips Life dynamics, take care of Yuer’s daily life at any time.

  • Automatic feeding
  • Full color gamut lighting
  • Water pump adjustment

Timed and quantified to allow feeding in one step Not afraid to travel The smart feeder is here! Press once to achieve easy feeding of 0.3g fish food, allowing you to have food without wasting. Connect to Mijia APP through the Wi-Fi smart box, timing and quantitative intelligent feeding, remote operation is also convenient. The feeding record is accurately recorded, so you can feed without worry. APP control 0 delay, easily grasp the recent diet of fish.

Super three filtering levels Exclusive cleaning service for customized fish The flow rate of the water pump is adjusted through the Mijia APP to control the oxygen output and filtration effect. The cylinder body comes with a manual oxygen adjustment button, and manual adjustment is also convenient. The structure of multiple filter bins makes the filtering effect stronger, keeping the water clear and transparent while reducing the frequency of water changes.

16 million colorful lights Fish show lighting show There are 7 kinds of lights built in the fish tank, and the Mijia APP is connected through the Wi-Fi smart box to realize the lighting timing setting. The combination of daylight, colored light, and streamer, the change of cold and warm, light and dark, and rhythm, you can also enjoy a visual feast of 16 million colors and experience a different dance experience.

5V low voltage Safety and energy saving visible 5V DC low voltage, USB DC power supply system, all-round safety protection, not afraid of the risk of power failure. Children can play freely, creating a safe fish farming experience.

360°HD viewing angle Panoramic view and catch fish farming dynamics The cylinder body is made of acrylic material, high-definition translucent, high-gloss and wear-resistant. One-piece molding to prevent breakage, the cylinder body is round and without edges and corners, allowing you to experience the pleasure of panoramic viewing. The humanized 360° arc design, the home fumishings have good feng shui, symbolizing a happy reunion, wealth and livability.

One-click water change without fishing Say goodbye to the trivial water change process No need to move the cylinder, no need to move the flower fish, just a drain pipe, you can easily change the water. The process of changing the water is simplified, making it easy for you to be an exquisite fish farmer.

Free modular design Disassembly and assembly are more convenient The fish tank adopts a modular design, the accessories are easily disassembled, the food replacement and cleaning are no longer annoying, the upgrade is more convenient, and the assembly and disassembly are more efficient.

Double the fun without stopping One kind of fish tank, two kinds of fun. The lazy fish tank adopts a unique farming symbiosis design concept, planting flowers and plants on the upper part and small fishes on the lower part. Enjoy the double viewing experience.

Intimate detail design, superb manufacturing process

  • Independent feeder One key to feed
  • Wi-Fi Smart Box Easily raise fish online
  • External PIN point Convenient and not forgetting safety
  • Manual feeding strip Indulge in the fun of feeding fish