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Skin Cleansing “Small Edamame”
Deep Cleansing | Delicate Cleansing | Soothing Skin

  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 90 Seconds Timer
  • Precise Cleaning
  • Medical Grade Silicone

“Little Edamame” In The Sonic Facial Cleanser InFace Mini Sonic Facial Cleanser. With high-frequency sound wave vibration, it precisely acts on the skin surface. Deeply cleanses the skin, avoids enlarged pores, and revitalizes the skin.

Powerful Power Deep Cleaning The carefully selected MCU processor is equipped with an imported motor, which has a stable function and lower energy consumption. The centrifugal motor controls the rotation speed, and the double sonic vibration technology acts on the skin massage. Absorbs dirt easily, deep cleansing, promotes skin “breath”.

Thickened Silicone Soft & Delicate Food grade silicone material, passed FDA certification. 4.5MM thick silicone treatment, gentle and not hurt the skin, feel smoother, noise reduction is more assured.

  • 4.5mm Thick Silicone
  • FDA Certification

Enjoy Cleansing & Awaken Vitality Three cleansing mode, one-button switch. The strong, medium and weak shock experience is more intuitive and meets the needs of many skin types. Customized multi-effect skin beauty, noise reduction treatment, create comfortable skin care. Quickly wake up the sleeping skin, make the cleansing more comfortable and easier!

Three Zone Cleaning All-Round Cleansing Three-color segmented cleaning, precise cleaning, ordinary cleaning, deep cleaning. There is no dead angle in all directions, the grip area is more comfortable.

Flexible Brush Head More Comfortable The slope design of the brush direction is 15 degrees to 0 degrees, which fits the pore growth direction. Precise cleaning, soft care is more comfortable.

Skincare “Little Edamame” New Experience

Innovative Color Matching Stylish Visual Experience
Blue, Brown, Light Pink

IPX7 Waterproof Safe Care
Can withstand water column irrigation Can also be washed directly in water

90s Cleaning Intimate & Easy Custom cleansing time Start a refreshing and good mood

Small Exquisite & Portable
No worries about makeup bag

Tailored Not Bound 
After the battery exhausted No longer vibrates, no need to charge

Steps For Usage

  1. Apply facial cleansers after moisturizing the face, and moisturize the facial cleanser
  2. After booting, adjust the facial cleanser to the appropriate gear
  3. Touch the brush head to the facial skin and clean along the contour of the face
  4. After use, clean the remaining facial foam