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17% off Lofans GT-302RW Garment Steam Iron Mini Portable Household Travel Electric Ironing Appliance Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Steaming
  • Handheld Mini
  • Hanging Iron & Flat Ironing
  • Heated Alloy Panel

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  • 22g/min Continuous Steam
  • Wearing after Ironing
  • Flat Ironing without Dripping
  • Residual Water

Carry with You Traditional hanging machine is heavy and difficult to move, difficult to store, ironing drip. Lofans hand-held steam iron is easy to carry, one button for smoothing folds.

FOUR FUNCTIONS SteamPlus Intelligent Steam Heating 1200W high power is able to heat quickly. With SteamPlus smart technology, steam is moderate, efficient wrinkle removal, not afraid of heavy fabrics.

  • 1200W High Power
  • <35 Seconds Instant Steam
  • Warm up and Fill Up Quickly

Microcharged Steam Instantaneous pressure up to 0.2 bar Built-in closed micro-booster body, fully swirling and heating, improving thermal efficiency, and quickly forming dry steam by heating and pressurizing. High-temperature dry steam can penetrate the clothes delicately, stable and powerful, and the flat iron does not drip. Supercharged high temperature and large steam, fine temperature control, direct penetration of deep fibers.

  • Not Easy To Drip
  • Get Out Faster
  • Spray Farther
  • Steam Does Not Float

Hanging Ironing & Flat Ironing Dual-use Unlock Free Ironing Method The effect of flat iron is comparable to the electric iron and the steam is quickly released. Two ways to iron at will, multi-dimensional recovery of clothing material sense.

Convenient Storage The size of the hair dryer, the whole machine weighs 800g. Easy to carry out the Luggage, storage box and drawers in the home.

Continuously Strong Steam Penetration 22g/min large steam can be continuously sprayed, ironing is more efficient and lasting, high temperature and high pressure steam can penetrate the fabric fiber strongly, and it has an ironing effect.

Nozzle heating After the steam passes through the conduit to the ironing nozzle, it is heated twice by the high temperature panel, and the heated aluminum alloy panel is heated and atomized to uniformly conduct heat. Saturated Vapor, Reduce condensation, improve steam drying rate, dry wrinkle and not wet clothes. Adding special ceramic glaze coating and negative ion powder, ironing is smooth and unobstructed.

  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Ceramic Glaze
  • Negative lon Powder

One-button Operation Flat ironing, hanging hot or fit ironing silk, chemical fiber, cotton, linen, ironing different clothes according to different ironing methods.

8° Gold Tilt Angle Steam does not turn and irons more fit. The fuselage is slightly lifted upwards, and the steam angle is maintained at an angle of 8° gold, so that the steam penetrates the clothes directly, and the ironing is more suitable and effective.

5-hole Diversion Large Panel Ironing evenly saves time and effort The aluminum die-casting panel is used to upgrade the large panel 43cm2, covering a larger area at a time, saving ironing time. 5 holes are diverted, the steam is evenly dispersed, and the panel is attached to 132 °C. The clothes are evenly heated to quickly remove wrinkles.

  • 132 °C panel temperature
  • 2.2mm thick panel
  • 43cm2 ironing area
  • 5-hole diversion

Multiple Protection

Imported PC High Temperature Resistant Shell The body shell is made of high quality PC material, which has heat resistance and impact resistance. Configure high temperature resistant rubber threads to avoid potential safety hazards.

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Impact Resistance

3 Security Lines Temperature control and fuse double protection, when the heating element exceeds 140 °C, the circuit is automatically cut off; the fuser exceeds the specified, temperature and automatically cuts off. Water shortage, anti-dry and abnormal sound reminder,

  • Anti-dry
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Fuse protection

Water and electricity separation large water tanks are free to iron and leak water 180ml see-through water tank, 7-8 shirts at a time. Independent water tank to achieve water and electricity separation, silicone water injection protection plug to avoid dripping and water leakage.

  • 180ml Water Tank
  • Ironing 8 shirts


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