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Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V Cordless Steam Iron Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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24% off Lofans YD-012V Cordless Steam Iron with 2000W Power 280ml Water Tank Big Steam from Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Cordless Design
  • Ceramic Glaze Bottom Plate
  • High Power Big Steam
  • One Machine Dual Purpose

Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V Cordless Steam Iron Best Price DEALS

  • Cordless rope free switching
  • 2000W high power, instantaneous heating
  • Continue to steam, wrinkle and not  hurt clothes
  • Temperature control for a variety of fabrics

Cordless Design Get rid of power constraints, innovative cordless design, break the limitations of ironing locations and scenes. After the iron is heated, unlock the rear lock button to switch the cordless mode.

2000W High Power Large steam power, powerful power can quickly heat up and replenish temperature, 35s fast preheating, to meet the high temperature work requirements of the iron.

  • Warm Up Quickly
  • Big Steam
  • Fast Temperature

Stable Steam Stability Deep wrinkles can be quickly smoothed during ironing. Large steam uninterrupted output for strong penetration of clothing fibers.

  • Large Steam 0.6g/time
  • Continuous Steam Output 20g/min
  • Steam Injection 90g

The ceramic glaze bottom plate is used to effectively reduce the high temperature damage of the clothes and keep the clothes flat and not deformed for a long time. At the same time, it can effectively eliminate some bacteria and mites on the surface of the clothes, which is more comfortable.

There are three gear steam adjustments and the gears are selected according to different materials of the clothes.

  • Dry suitable for the rainy season, ironing clothes
  • Resist steam suitable for spring and summer thin clothing
  • High-grade steam suitable for thick clothes in autumn and winter

A variety of temperature gear adjustments suitable for a variety of fabric ironing, a variety of clothing can be easily ironed.

Two Ironing Modes Are Available. Efficient ironing with rope and cordlessness to get rid of the bondage. Strong steam volume, smoothing wrinkles and more efficient, easy to iron quickly.

Triangular pointed design with buttons and pockets for easy ironing

  • Sharp corner ironed button belt edge
  • Rounded corners ironed shoulder pockets

Anti-drip Design When the temperature is too low, the water source is automatically cut off to prevent the water in the water tank from flowing out of the floor to wet the clothes.

Descaling Function With automatic cleaning function, the ironing interior is clean and the ironing life is extended.

Upright Detachable Base Separable charging stand and rear seat, free to operate and easy to iron.

280ml water tank, you can iron more than one item at a time.

Ergonomic design, comfortable handle, easy to hold

360° rotating power cord, ironing does not waste effort.


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