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-Wireless charging base
-3200rpm/45dB mute
-60W motor/70mN.m
-2900mAh Battery

“Meavon Intelligent two mode massage gun” Exercise relaxation, family massage

  • 5th gear
  • Full battery can be used for 84 days without interruption
  • 3200 rpm
  • Impact depth: 10 mm
  • 45dB Low noise
  • Innovative wireless charging chassis

High frequency vibration stimulation, reaching deep muscle, stimulating blood circulation, preventing muscle adhesion, relaxing stiff muscle and relieving fatigue

Five gears, two modes, professional fitness and intelligent massage modes can be selected, providing different strength, 1800-3200 speed can be customized

Mode 1 1800 Muscle Jactivation

Mode2 2400 release myofascial release

Mode3 Professional 3200 Professional

Double bearing structure, 3200 rpm, very quiet brushless motor, 70MN. M torque, powerful power massage muscle, depth up to 10 mm

  • 45w Brushless motor
  • 10 mm Massage depth
  • 70 mN.m Strong torque

Fully charged, 10 minutes per day, can be used for 84 days, avoid frequent charging, and provide 2900mah lithium battery

Innovative charging chassis, which can be put into the groove after use, can be charged quickly, and can also be used to place the desktop without charging

  • Wireless handheld
  • Charging chassis
  • Convenient storage

45dbd low noise, patented noise reduction structure with brushless motor, very quiet machine

Ergonomic design, easy to grip, concealed fan heat, fashionable appearance, metal texture

  • Patented design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Hidden heat dissipation

Professional soft massage head, food grade silica gel, non-toxic and harmless, odorless, soft and resilient, protect skin, reduce skin and bone damage

  • Honeycomb silicone massage head
  • Spherical massage head, suitable for arms, waist, back, thighs, calves, hips, large muscle groups
  • U-shaped massage head, suitable for spine, shoulder, Achilles tendon
  • Cylindrical massage head, suitable for sole and palm
  • Flat massage head, suitable for muscle relaxation and plasticity
  • Muscle protection setting, automatic stop in 10 minutes