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Xiaomi Router 4 Pro
Dual Gigabit Routers with Stronger
Coverage and Faster Network Speed

  • 1317Mbps Wireless Rate
  • Qualcomm Chip strong performence and stable operation
  • 5 Independent Signal Amplifiers strong signal,easy gong through wells
  • 128MB Large Memory stable connecton to 128 devices
  • 5 High Gain Omnidirectional Antennas wider coverage and faster transmission
  • Full Gigabit Ethernet Port suitable for high-speed bandwih up to 1000m

Fully Surpass Xiaomi Router 4 Gigabit Router, Faster and More Stable

Dual Band Concurrent Wireless Rate Of 1317Mbps, Faster and Smoother Internet Access The dual band concurrent wireless rate is up to 1317Mbps, which is 150Mbps higher than that of ordinary AC12CO routers. The 2.4GHz frequency band supports 3 receive and 3 transmit, theoretical rate is up to 450Mbps, large transmission distance, better wall penetration performance; the 5GHz frequency band has less interference and high speed, and it IS smoother to watch HD videos and play online games.

• 1317Mbps is the theoretical value of the maximum wireless rate of 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band concurrently. the actual rate wil be different depending on the operation environment

Qualcomm Chip, Excellent Performance, Stable Connection Equipped with Qualcomm processor, excellent comprehensive performance, keeps stable operat Easily support the data forwarding of gigabit Ethernet port and gigabit dual-band WiFi, ensurin cellent gaming and Internet experience.

5 Channels High Performance Independent Signal Amplifier, Strong Signal, Covering Every Corner The 2.4GHz frequency band and the 5GHz frequency band are equipped with 3 and 2 independent high-performance signal amplifiers (PA+LNA) respectively, which make the signal transmission distance of the router longer, stronger wall-through performance, and easily meet the signal coverage needs of larger houses. PA (power amplifier) effectively enhances the signal transmission power, and LNA (low noise amplifier) can improve signal reception sensitivity.

5 High-Gain Omnidirectional Antennas, More Stable Long-Distance Signal Reception With 5 external high-gain omnidirectional antennas, with reasonable structure and layout. after precise adjustment, the coverage area is wider and the transmission distance is longer, even in complex environments can ease

Xiaomi Smart Devices Can Access the Network Without Password, 128 Devices Can Be Connected Stably At the Same Time With 128MB large memory, support up to 128 devices stable connection at the same time. Mien a Xiaomi smart device is connected to the Internet for the first time, it is more convenient t enter the network without manually entering a password with the Mijia App.

• 128 are cornpr&msive access of 2.4G/5G/LAN ur&r laboratory ccncftk)ns

Full Gigabit Ethernet Port, Give Full Play to the Performance of Every Megabit of Bandwidth Provides 1 Gigabit WAN port and 3 Gigabit LAN ports to meet the broadband access requirements of 100M and above, and adapt to a high-speed bandwidth of up to 1000M.

Smart Experience, Easy to Use Easy Internet settings and equipment management. It has a variety of practical functions such as anti-WI-FI squatters and Internet control, while maintaining network and privacy security.

  • WI-Fi Optimization one-dick detection to improve network experience
  • Dual Frequency In One the device automatically selects a better frequercy band
  • Anti WI-FI Squatters real-tirne notification, one-click block
  • Privacy Security Protection one-chck detection of potential vulnerabilities
  • Child Online Protection easily manage time and contents
  • Support IPv6 support more resource

Strong Heat Dissipation, Ensure Stable Operation of the Router At All Times The upper cover adopts a grid type heat dissipation structure, which effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the whole machine. The upper and lower covers have heat dissipation holes to form good upper and lower air convection to ensure long-term reliable operation of the router.

Strict Test, Pursue Excellent Quality Cooperate with Spirent. and other international authoritative test instrument manufacturers, conducting large-scale tests to simulate various household scenes and extreme conditions to ensure that the router can operate stably under various environments.

  • Power Supply Stability Test ≥ 220000 times cumulative times of 4 scenes 20 routers power on and off
  • Hardware Structure Reliability Test ≥ 6 times
    Drop test: marble floor, 0.75m high
  • Harsh Environment Test ≥ 1000 hours 6 scenes. 4 routers cumulative test
  • Memory Stress Test ≥180000 times Cumulative read and write times of 20 routers
  • Simultaneous Online Test of Multiple Devices 128 devices Comprehensive access value in laboratory environment
  • Flash Sorage Device Reliablity Test ≥ 100000 times flash continuous reading and writing test