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Xiaomi MIjia 4L Rice Cooker Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • 4L large Capacity
  • 890W High Power
  • Cooking PFA Non-stick Powder Coating
  • APP Intelligent Linkage

Xiaomi MIjia Rice Cooker Best Price DEALS

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MIJIA RICE COOKER A pot can hold 16 bowls of rice (11 cm diameter household bowl), suitable for daily cooking or entertaining relatives and friends.

Pressurized Heating The 2.0mm thick pan is more evenly heated and feels more compact.

Japan DAIKIN PFA Powder Coating The 5-layer thick liner follows the Japanese Daikin PFA powder coating, which is smooth and durable and easy to clean.

New Concave Hot Plate Structure Heat flow uniform rice is fuller The improved new concave hot plate has a larger contact area and a tighter fit with the newly designed bottom convex inner liner. When heated, the heat flow generated at the bottom of the inner tank can be diffused along the bottom arc surface and the central bulge to form a uniform convection effect, so that the rice grains can absorb more water and further enhance the degree of rice ripening.

890W Stereo Heating The rice cooker has a high-power heating capacity of 890W and is equipped with a top cover heating module to achieve a three-dimensional cooking effect. At the same time, the firepower can be dynamically adjusted according to the cooking mode.

Double Temperature Probe Automatic Temperature Adjustment The upper and lower dual temperature probes are monitored in real time, and the firepower and temperature are automatically adjusted to avoid overflowing.

Intelligent Heating Curve Built-in intelligent heating curve, automatic adjustment of dynamic firepower throughout the whole process, specially optimized for different rice varieties and different taste requirements.

Wi-Fi Access to Mijia APP Massive recipes, one-click to become a gourmet food, rice cookers, rice cookers, built-in four common modes, you can also get a large number of recipes. through the APP. All kinds of recipes are guided in steps and the

The rice cooker is connected to the AloT platform and the rice cooker can be easily opened through the small love speaker, and the cooking mode is selected.

Scan Code to Identify Rice More than 3,000 special heating solutions have their own characteristics. The common process can make the rice mature, and the special process can make the rice well. After a lot of experiments, we have accumulated more than 3,000 kinds of intelligent heating curves. Just scan the QR code on the mobile phone to match the corresponding cooking method, so that each grain is soft and sweet.

24-hour Smart Remote Appointment Rice appliance rice cooker has two kinds of reservation methods: control panel reservation and APP remote reservation, which can satisfy the reservation use scenario. Connected to Wi-Fi, remotely control the rice cooker rice cooker through the Mijia APP. At the same time, you can also know the heating situation in the pot in real time, and receive the reminder at the end of cooking, and cooperate with the 24-hour all-weather insulation function.



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