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Mi Home bedside lamp
Make a dreamlike and colorful world for you

  • 16 million colors
  • Touch sensor operation
  • WiFi connection
  • Bluetooth control

Sleep peacefully Open sunset-sleep mode, lamp can simulate sunset light every day,In 10 minutes lamp light will be slowly under dark until close, and this light light can help you sleep quietly.

Naturally wake up Open morning wake-up mode, lamp can simulate sunrise light every morning, In 15 minutes lamp light will be slowly light up to reach the brightest, and this light light will let you wake up naturally to start a energetic day.

Double Smart model Mi home with me Smart Home Bedside Lamp using Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dual-mode chip,so it accesses to Mi home APP fastly to achieve wireless control and smart home linkage, upgrade more modus. “Dear Xiaoai, please open bedside lamp”, control Lamp via voice, according to the level of room temperature we can adjust the lighting of lamp via temperature and humidity sensors.

Simple & convenient Touch operation The lamp top is a large touch panel, brightness interacts with color simply, click the scene button, lamp can switch freely in the “IPL” “daylight” “streamer”; slide in the top edge, while holding the scene button can adjust Light color.

  • IPL, daylight, streamer Switch the light mode
  • Slide along the edge Adjust the brightness
  • Press the scene button to slide the edge Change color
  • Click the “on/off” button Turn on the lights

Art light perfect making Using the unique architecture blends with patented technology and the Osram high-quality LED lamp beads to make every ray of light is real, color rendering index is as high as 95 *. Unique two-color injection molding makes it crystal and clear. The base is made via metal sandblasting process, so its fine, the rose gold makes each bedside lights look like art and assimilate into the different home style. Less