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XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth 4.2 BLE Electric Thermometer

  • Fast Measuring
  • Sensitive And Precise
  • APP Connection
  • Easy Storage

Sensitive And Precise Thermometer

High Precision Sensor Sensitive Temperature Measurement
Mijia Electric Thermometer uses a high-precision NTC temperature sensor, combined with a high-resolution
measurement circuit, at 35 °C – 39 °C, the measurement accuracy can reach ± 0.05 °C, can be sensitive to detect family discomfort in time

Two Measurement Modes
Mijia Electric Thermometer supports two temperature measurement modes. The 30-second speed measurement allows you to quickly obtain the temperature value, and the 5-minute accurate temperature measurement allows you to know the more accurate temperature value

Real-time Display of Body Temperature Values
Though the Mjia APP you can check the temperature.The plugin background will automatically change color.

  • > 38.7°C Red Background
  • <37.3°C Green Background
  • 37.3°C~38.7°C Orange Background

Create A Home Temperature History File
Through the Mijia APP, you can record the family temperature to help you better understand your family. You can add 9 family members.

Mijia Electric Body Thermometer can save 200 groups temperature datas Mijia APP can save 1000 groups temperature datas

Intelligent Interconnection Function The Temperature Can be Easy to Check
Can work with Mijia Electronic Thermo-hygrometer Pro ,you can connect them at Mijia APP

Multifunctional Thermometer, Automatic Switch, Easy To Read

Smart Storage Box,Automatic Switch
Unique intelligent storage box design, lightly press the thermometer to make it pop up, and automatically turn on after pulling out the thermometer. After the temperature measurement is completed, put the thermometer back into the storage box, press it gently to lock it, the thermometer will automatically shut down

  • Press To Pop Up
  • Unplug And Automatically Turn On

Buzzer Reminds The End Of Temperature Measurement
Backlit LCD Screen Clearly Displays Body Temperature After the temperature measurement is completed,
there will be a short sound reminder, after accurate temperature measurement, there will be a long sound to remind the end of the temperature measurement. Equipped with a large-size LCD screen, and with a backlight design,you can easily read the temperature

Armpit And Mouth Measurement
Electric Mijia Thermometer has designed a dual-purpose temperature measurement method for underarm and oral cavity

  1. Oral Temperature Measurement
  2. Armpit Temperature Measurement

Products Details Safe And Healthy Material

Professional Temperature Sensor
The temperature probe is made of SUS316L stainless steel, which is safer and healthier

Hight Quantity Material
The main body of the thermometer is made of environmentally friendly materials of PC / ABS,which has passed the strict RoHS test and is very safe Less