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Mika sneakers 2

Light smart Uni-Moulding Integrated molding process A piece of three-dimensional high-elastic knitted upper New independent fish bone locking system Tao INFUSET + EVA insole

5 in 1 Uni-Moulding Break the imagination of shoe black technology

The sole of mijia sneaker 2 is made of Uni-Moulding technology, with 5 pieces of different materials pressed and glued in a mould., this kind of technology can not only effectively reduce more than 90% of the glue and the condition of the owe glue, happen, does reduce glue probability, also makes the sole fit together, eliminating the manual patchwork rough feeling, while increasing the overall comfort levels.

Configuration omnidirectional evolution

For better performance Fish bone locking system, Excellent shock – retarding performance, strong support anti-torsion, super grip.

New independent fish bone locking system Lock the instep tightly and lock safely

New independent fishbone locking system by 10 fishbone and large area of the palm of balance sheet, like a skeleton firmly hold arch, arch support and locked at the same time to promote the balance and the parcel of shoes, can effectively reduce the strain. The fish-bone locking system can adapt to the torsion and expansion of the instep during exercise.

Tao’s midsole shoes are made with dow chemicals that greatly improve the flexibility, cushioning and support of the sole of mika sneaker 2.It has a better foot feel, is durable and does not deform easily.A 30 percent increase in the area of the consolidated balance sheet will result in better stability support and arch torsion toughness and damping protection.

All – hand non-slip rubber outsole Greater friction, greater forward momentum

Mika sneakers 2 chose has large hollow out pattern of whole palm rubber, outsole have powerful slide effectively reduced the whole weight of shoes at the same time, the performance of let you easy, economical to run.

The whole Angle reflects the light effect omnidirectional guardian

The shoelaces and heels of mijia sneaker 2 are all distributed with reflective materials, which can be seen from all angles, providing safety guarantee for night running and night walking.

Details determine comfort and ease with each step

It weighs only 258 grams, making you light at all times. *258g is the weight of women’s shoes of size 38, and the weight of shoes of different sizes is different.

Thicken and increase the covering area by 50%. The elastic sponge with excellent elasticity can lock the heel firmly in the shoe and prevent the foot from sliding easily in the shoe. The covering of the sponge will give you extra comfort and give you more confidence in the protection your shoes provide during exercise.

Thickened sponge breathable insoleSoft bullet light, sweat and breathable

Insole bottom is even more holes polyurethane foam material, air can flow between each hole, like a layer of the air flow through the soles of the feet, take away moisture foot, stay dry shoes. The thickness of the heel shoe mat increased to 8mm, and the soft elastic feeling increased greatly.

Can be directly machine washed, more convenient

Mijia sneaker 2 supports integral, body machine washing, directly throw into the washing machine can, relaxed and happy, say goodbye to the brush shoes.

Six colors are optional, there is always your main color For Man:Black/white/blue/dark grey For women: white/orange Less