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Xiaomi Ninebot C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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36% off Xiaomi Ninebot C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle – MULTI Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Xiaomi Ninebot C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle

Hidden handle

Magnesium alloy and polyurethane handle is hidden inside the body, The screws and seams can not be seen from the appearance, looks beautiful and generous.

Creative frame body

The design of high-strength magnesium alloy frame and high-elastic sabic LEXAN PC shell redefines the unicycle balancing vehicle

Wide pedals

Magnesium alloy one-piece wide pedals not only make the rider’s feet comfortable, but also have anti-slip and aesthetic characteristics.

Powerful brushless motor

Powerful brushless motor with Ninebot advanced sine wave invener technology, the safe speed up to 20km/h.

Innovative battery technology

Ninebotls innovative DNA double helix Li-ion battery pack continuously optimizes the charge and discharge technology of the battery pack and achieves outstanding lifetime.

Intelligen phone management

Bluetooth 4.0, iPhone 4S and above, IOS7.0 and above compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Ambient lights

Ninebot one ambient lights, up to 65535 colors and can be set through the APP. It is not only the eye-catching charge indicator, but also can display the smart security alert status.

Waterproof LEMO plug

The charging connector adopts aviation-grade four-hole LEMO waterproof plug, 2.5 hours for full charging , which is safer and more

Modular design concept

Easily disassemble and replace any part of the body, upgrade it by yourself and build your own special unicycle

Safety warning system

Triple safety warning system, independent monitoring of vehicle condition and driving status.When you are driving too fast or in an abnormal situation, you will be prompted to decelerate by lighting, reclining or shaking

Billions of test improvements

High-speed CPU and precision gyroscopes provide highly sensitive somatosensory feedback, and ergonomic intimate design enables real human-vehicle integration. Less