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Intelligent House Cleaner Wifi

No need to be big
Just be strong enough

  • Removing odor and odor
  • Formaldehyde removal
  • Anti HIN1 virus
  • HCHO Intelligent control
  • Effective sterilization
  • Anti touch design

Don’t let pet and your respiratory tract suffer again Indoor air problems are easy to cause health hazards, especially in the pet room, pet body odor, excreta odor, dander and hair have brought varying degrees of “invasion” to the respiratory tract

Born for big space Multiple purification effects No unnecessary design, natural integration into the home environment, suitable for pets and family a clean flavor products. 3-stage wind power purification 30 m2large space purification 99% * efficient removal of common bacteria and viruses

One stop solution to air problems Deodorization, antibacterial, aldehyde removal, antiviral four in one A clean taste product for pets and family

Unique wind system Three dimensional circulation purification In order to expand the area of gas transportation without changing the volume of the body, a unique air system is designed by using aerodynamics. The 4D three-dimensional air outlet is adopted. The air duct passes through the special radian and uses the CONDA effect to further cover every corner.

Dispel the smell and odor, let the air return to fragrance Timely elimination of harmful odor molecules It can effectively remove hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and ammonia in the air, place them in the place where the odor occurs, and timely purify the harmful gas *, so as to avoid the secondary transmission of putrefaction and reproduction microorganisms.

HINI virus removal rate > 99.9%
Sterilization rate > 99%
It has excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties, effectively filters out HINI influenza virus and 12 kinds of common bacteria, takes care of sensitive people, and can prevent cross infection.
According to the detection of Guangdong microbial monitoring center, the removal rate of HINI virus was more than 99.9%*
The inactivation rate of 12 kinds of bacteria was more than 99% *.

Formaldehyde removal* Kill the invisible killer
Indoor “invisible” formaldehyde volatilized continuously for 10+ years, not only for the new house decoration pollutants, but also when buying some pet furniture
*The volume of formaldehyde molecule is less than 500 times of PMO. 1, which is difficult to capture

You can put it everywhere at home
The floor area is less than A4 paper, and the action area is up to 30m2 According to the new national standard design, the fuselage is small and exquisite. It is easy to move for small and medium-sized units. It can be placed in any corner of your home. It is your safe steward. Suitable scenes: pet toilet area, bedroom, toilet, new house decoration, pet shop, etc

Core Technology
Special concentrated multi effect purification solution

Intelligent working mode and intimate reminder
LED display at a glance

  • Remote control
  • Anti touch design
  • Lighting control
  • ECO Low level reminder
  • Timing setting
  • Energy saving operation

Timing switch function Clean the air for you before you get home App provides the function of setting the timer switch. Before you get home from work, you can open the purification mode in advance, and you can enjoy the clean air when you enter the door, so as to relax your tiredness after a day’s work.

Core Technology The status indication is clearly visible With IML manufacturing process, the panel is bright and clean, scratch resistant and wear-resistant, and the touch of key is felt

  • The panel lighting time can be set Not afraid of interference at night
  • When the liquid level is insufficient, the indicator lights up orange It is suggested that rehydration is needed
  • 5 Seconds auto lock screen Open the protection against accidental contact

Built in double layer adsorption filter screen Reduce hair pollution in the air The strong suction of the purifier can uniformly adsorb pet hair in the air on the Lu net. The filter screen can be easily disassembled, and the tufts of hair can be removed and washed with water.

Upper and lower separation structure Make daily cleaning extra simple When cleaning regularly, you only need to disconnect the power supply and take off the upper cover. The barrel structure is simple and convenient to clean without dead corner.

Silence without interference Energy saving and low power consumption When working in sleep mode, the noise is only about 31dB * and the power consumption is lower than that of traditional energy-saving light bulbs.

*The working decibels were measured by Xiaopei science laboratory within the range of 20cm away from the equipment. The power consumption is calculated by working continuously for 6h every day, and the power consumption is less than 1 degree per week

  • Quiet mode About 31 DB
  • Standard mode About 38 DB
  • Strong mode About 41 DB