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XIAOMI Photo Printer – Pikachu Version
*AR photo
*Multiple equipment’s connected at the same time
*3 inch adhesive photo

  • Inkless Printing
  • Split pictures
  • Various filters
  • Photo stick print
  • Multiple equipment’s connected at the same time
  • Bluetooth Print
  • AR video printing
  • Phonograph

Scan AR photos, dynamic videos, scene reproduction

Scanning phonograph photos, playing voice, wonderful interaction

Mijia APP multiple interesting templates, creative photo printing

  • Puzzle templates
  • Demolition template
  • Text template

Bluetooth shared printing in party

Pikachu appearance, small and exquisite, portable in pocket

Slide paper loading design, put the photo paper into the printer with the barcode of the orange calibration card facing down

Zink inkless printing technology uses color dye-based crystals embedded in the paper. No ink is required. The print head can heat the photo paper to form images. It does not contain dyes and reduces the damage of print head parts.

Adopt ZINK adhesive photo paper, with bright color and high viscosity, so it is safe and close.

3-step assembly

  1. Slide open the printer tray cover
  2. Place the photo paper in the printer with the orange calibration card barcode facing down
  3. Close the lid