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Desktop Spray Fan

  • Five-speed wind
  • 30° adjustment
  • Two-level fog volume
  • Gust mode
  • Warm night light
  • No water cut off

Upgrade Air Duct System for Performance Improvement
The entire air duct system had been redesigned to increase the air purifier’s PM CADR by 22%* to 380 m³/h.

Upgrade large capacity 350ml water tank
The large capacity of 350ml reduces the water retention while ensuring the daily humidification requirement, maintaining a comfortable humidification experience

Two levels of fog volume, turning dryness into moisture
Continuous spray in first gear, intermittent spray in second gear,touch switch to adjust the amount of mist, more choices in two modes

  • 2-8h fan mode
  • 5-8h spray mode
  • (1.5-4h) spray + fan

Nano-level atomization, save the air conditioning muscle at any time
Water molecules that can penetrate deep into the skin, effectively reduce air dryness, nourish indoor air, and life will become at ease

30° free wind direction, under your control
Freely adjust 30°, adjust the appropriate blowing angle, control every wind, and enjoy the coolness

Five wind speeds,feel the natural wind
Five-speed air output mode, exquisite air output to meet the air volume demand at different times, restore natural wind

Gust mode, comfortable and natural
Gust mode, restore natural wind, so that every inch of your skin can feel the cool and beautiful feeling

Continuous blowing mode
Five-speed wind, refreshing and refreshing, enjoy the coolness anytime, anywhere

Gust mode
Gust pattern design, control every ray of wind at will

5 petal hydrodynamic fan blades
high wind force, quieter Industry classic design, evenly cut airflow, strong wind gathers on the front net

  • Diversion air hood
  • 30° cyclone structure
  • Leaf circulation

Powerful brushless motor
Brushless DC motor with gentle speed change and wide speed range. Close to the natural wind blowing from the body

Intimate night sleep light, reminder of lack of water and light
Humidifying and cooling at night while giving you a soothing and safe sleep experience, and the water tank is lack of water and lights to remind

Long-lasting battery life,cool to the end
Built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery, strong battery life, bid farewell to cluttered desktop,also supports multi-scenario use

Power off immediately without water
Really prevent dry burning to ensure your safety and long service life The circuit board is separated from the spray design to prevent moisture damage to the circuit board When the water is lower than the probe position, the power is cut off immediately

Removable front net for easy cleaning
It can be easily disassembled by rotating counterclock wise, and it can be rotated clockwise when assembled,
and it is easy to do regular cleaning for the fan

Steps for usage

  1. Turn counterclockwise to unscrew the upper cover
  2. Add fresh water
  3. Connect to USB power
  4. Click the switch button to turn on the spray mode

Cotton swab installation steps

  • Loading spring
  • Soaking cotton swab into catheter
  • Connecting upper cover


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