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Smartknow Toothpaste Machine Set
Starting Your Healthy Life

  • Automatic Induction
  • UVC Sterilization
  • 99.99% Rate of Sterilization
  • APP Smart Control

99.99% High Rate of Sterilization This set uses ultraviolet UVC to physically sterilize, and will be automatically sterilized after squeezing the toothpaste and brushing the teeth to protect the health of the family and yourself.

Automatic Induction, Say Goodbye to Squeezing This machine adopts infrared sensor, it can automatically squeeze out the toothpaste by hand, and sterilize the toothpaste and brush head by ultraviolet UVC. Universal interface can be used for a variety of toothpaste, quantitative squeezing, easy to use.

  • Automatic Induction
  • UVC Sterilization
  • Quantitative Squeezing
  • Universal Interface

Strong Bearing Capacity, Easy Installation The toothpaste machine supports two applicable modes of placement and suspension. No-punch installation, install and use.

More Details, More Cares

  • UV sterilizing chamber the brush head is inserted into the sterilizing chamber, and the toothpaste is extruded automatically to sterilize the brush head and toothpaste.
  • Integral pipeline after each extrusion of toothpaste, the pipeline will be automatically sealed to prevent secondary pollution and avoid pipeline obstruction.
  • Universal interface it is made of food-grade high elastic silica gel, suitable for most toothpastes in the market.
  • Removable design easy to change the toothpaste, cleaning the pipeline, support IPX4 waterproof.

Germicidal Brushing Cup, Smart Brushing Monitoring The machine adopts a separate design. When the brushing cup is put back to the sterilizing base, the sterilizing mode will be started automatically to sterilize the brushing cup and toothbrush. In the mijia app, you can operate it remotely and monitor your brushing intelligently.

  • Separate Design
  • Brushing Monitor
  • 300ml Capacity

USB Charging, 30 – 60 Battery Life Equipped with Micro USB charging interface, built-in super lithium battery, which can achieve longer battery life. Toothpaste machine uses 1200mah battery that can meet about 60 days of use time. Brush the cup uses 800mah battery that can meet about 30 days of use time. Less