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VIOMI Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro

Smart Life – Water Temperature Display

  • OLED Temperature Display
  • Smart Water Temperature Control
  • 4 Levels Fast Insulation
  • Fast Boiling
  • Triple Safety Protection

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OLED Temperature Display Function

The VIOMI Thermostatic Electric Kettle is equipped with a high-definition OLED screen, timely display of water temperature, know about heating and the mode of insulation anytime. When the insulation mode is selected, the screen displays the icon and temperature simultaneously, and the operation is very simple.

Four Insulation Modes

The VIOMI Black Electric Kettle is preset with Four Insulation Modes: milk powder, baby rice noodle, white tea and coffee. It can be selected by the panel button, and can also be selected on the phone by linking Mijia APP. The insulation temperature can be adjusted according to individual needs. The adjustable range is: 40°C-90°C

Intelligent Water Temperature Control

The VIOMI Electric Kettle has an intelligent temperature adjustment function. After setting the appropriate holding temperature through the mobile phone or the panel, it is also possible to select different heating and heat preservation methods, which can not only directly heat to a predetermined temperature, but also can be heated to a set temperature after boiling.

Long-term Insulation

Accurate insulation for up to 12 hours, measured in the laboratory after boiling water into 50°C insulation, can be kept for 12 hours, power consumption is about 0.5 (Kw.h)

Fast Boiling

Only 5 minutes The bottom of the 1800W high-power shaped heating ring heats up, so that the water can be fully heated from bottom to top and heat up quickly. It takes only 5 minutes from pressing the ‘Boil’ button to boiling.

A healthy life 304 stainless steel material, high temperature boiling will not produce harmful substances, away from scale, odor

3 protections

  1. Shut off automatically when it is fully boiling
  2. Dry burn protection power off
  3. Power connector effectively prevent electric shock, leakage