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Vvave Hand Roll Electronic Piano

A piano that can be loaded into a backpack,

  • Double magnetic sound
  • APP-assisted teaching
  • Piano sound
  • True key sense

Portable multifunction electronic piano
Portable roll stack design for ease of use and carrying. Whether it is piano performance or professional practice, it can satisfy more entertainment scenes.

  • 80 demo songs
  • Play with the APP
  • Double magnetic stereo
  • 140 sounds
  • 128 rhythm demonstrations
  • Sustain sound
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Thick silicon keys

Dual magnetic stereo to restore high quality sound Sampling hundreds of performance-level acoustic instruments, and original sound reproduction through dual-magnetic stereo sound, so that the sound has a richer layering and higher acoustic instrument quality.

Thick silicone keys The keys are made of thick silicone material,rebound feedback design, and the touch is real; the keyboard is equipped with an independent touch sensing area, and the pronunciation is clear and precise.

Bluetooth connection APP Connect to mobile phone Bluetooth Support music original accompaniment to play the connection, you can also achieve online teaching through software, zero-based can also complete self-study.Support microphone input function to achieve self-singing

The online teaching function needs to download independent apps such as Perfect Diana” and currently only sunnorts ins 6.0 or higher

Can be used as a percussion Built-in 140 sounds, 128 rhythm demonstrations,to meet the function of playing more instruments and different styles of music, while pointing out the keyboard drum function, to achieve the drum on the keyboard.

140 sounds
128 rhythm demonstrations

Large energy, let the music keep running 2000mAh battery capacity, USB charging / power supply; sustainable performance for 15-20 hours under full power. Less