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Xiaomi Wankeyun WS1608 Cloud Disk Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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38% off Wankeyun WS1608 Cloud Disk from Xiaomi youpin – Black Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Your data security is guaranteed by exclusive encrypted data transmission channels

With the exclusively owned cloud disk, your personal photos and business documents and other personal secrets can be safely stored; and no more worrying about data leakage.

Leading encrypted computing, ensures all data is transmitted through the encrypted channel. No third party cloud server is involved. Your privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed.

We employ custom paragon file protection system, to ensure safety and ultimate security to every bit of your data and info- rmation on your hard disk, and serves you as ” most highly protected personal data bank”.

Exclusive multi-media center Multi-monitor and original HD quality

On the smart devices (such as TV, PC, phone and tablet), you can easily view movies, photos and documents, backed up in the One Thing Cloud through the operation of One Thing Cloud app. Thanks to the built-in HD video decoder chip, even a non-smart TV can also provide you with a HD viewing experience, which enables you to share the joy with your family.

Backup of Hundreds of Photos in Seconds Unlimited Expansion of Phone Memory

Gigabit network is accessible to back up hundreds of photos in seconds, release phone memory and provide smooth and fast operation like you would have with a new phone. Take as many photos as you want and no more worrying about phone memory.

Easy file access from anywhere at any time without carrying a hard disk

Your cloud is exclusive cloud. All your information-casual or confidential, trip photographs, business presentations, business details, your favorite movies or inspirational videos, can be saved conveniently and accessed from anywhere, without fear of breach. XunLei cutting-edge technology makes you free from worries about data and information storage & access.

Smart file management Any file can be quickly found

Your data and information are automatically classified into different labels by the smart device, as per your usage pattern. You can access your ten-year information in split seconds. One click and your entire is most efficiently managed, be it movies, videos, business presentations etc., and you will have instant access through the latest generation intelligent device.

Automatic backup of SD card Intelligent, efficient and convenient for the smartest

Equipped with SD card interface; contents shot by an SLR camera can be directly backed up through One Thing Cloud without using a computer, easy and convenient.

Smart and Elegant Technology at its aesthetic best

Integrated metal design and 2.5D streamer mirror, it highlights the confluence of design and technology- stylish, colorful, pleasing and elegant.

Unmatched features for best data management

1GB RAM + 8GB ROM, Quad-core 1.5G processor, HD decoder chip, supporting gigabit network; strong high-performance drivers bring you free and enjoyable use experience.

  • 1GB Ethernet port extra-large network port, speedy transmission
  • 1GB DDR3 extra-large cache space, more stable running
  • CPU 4-core 1.5GHz Quad-core processor, fast processing of data
  • USBx2 expansion of cloud space at any time
  • HD decoding chip HD play, supporting non-smart TVs