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  • Imported composite filter
  • Black technology chip monitoring

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Water Purifier with Monitoring Function Yimu intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier, using imported composite filter, layered out good water, synchronous black technology intelligent monitoring, AI dynamic calculation, real-time water quality data, the filtering effect is clearly visible. Every bite of water, you can feel at ease.

Black Technology From Silicon Valley

Ensure that monitoring is more professional and accurate The international research team from Silicon Valley in the United States, which has been researched and developed for 12 years, has reduced large-scale water quality testing equipment to a pin-sized chip. Microfluidic technology is used to capture samples, real-time online monitoring and analysis via microspectral illumination, and dynamic calculation by AI scientific algorithm to digitally present the results of water pollution. A full suite of patented monitoring technologies allows you to measure laboratory-level accurate data at home.

Second Speed Rapid Sensitivity Detection

Real-time comparison of filtering effects The water is checked, and it takes only 2 seconds from the passage of the water to the result. The water ring peripheral LED indicator shows the quality of the water through the change of the aperture color. The measured results are simultaneously uploaded to the mobile app, accurately digitalized, and the raw water data is compared at any time to understand the filtering effect.

  • PET Filter Cotton Filter large impurities such as sediment and suspended solids
  • Activated Carbon Granule Adsorption and filtration of harmful substances such as heavy metals and residual chlorine
  • Composite Fiber Web Intercept micron pesticide residues, antibiotics, biopharmaceutical residues

PET Filter Cotton Prevent leakage of filter material,

Recyclable Charging The monitoring module has a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, which can be removed and charged, and supports fast charging technology. When fully charged, the usage time is up to one full month.

IP65 Level Waterproof Water and electricity separation is safe and worry-free

Split Design Monitoring and filtering can be used independently

Small and Light Easy to move and take

Multi-diameter Threaded Adapter for Easy Installation The product is available in three different diameter internal thread adapters and one external thread adapter for most faucets. When installing, simply select the appropriate size of the thread adapter and complete the simple four-step screwing.