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Night light wireless charging set Warm light, light up your dark world

Wireless charging / touch operation / 3 files lights / portable

Minimalist Night Light Easy To Decorate Life The simple Japanese appearance, the feel of the matte texture, and the minimalist design concept, the concept of portable lifers integrated into the design. It is both a smart night light and a beautiful artwork.

Night Guardian Illuminating every night Whether it is in the bedroom,living room, or study, the monster at the bottom of the baby bed is driven away, and the loneliness and sorrow of the midnight dream are chased away, and the helplessness of the parents when they get up at night is gone, the soft light is on, and the warmth is around.

  • Entrance
  • Bedroom
  • Baby room
  • Toilet

With Portable Handle The night light has a power storage function. After the charging is completed, the light is always on, with a portable handle, which is convenient for nighttime movement, and can also be powered off.

Touch operation switch adjustment integration Breaking the manual button, the top of the lampshade has a control panel, which can be seen in the dark with a single touch. 3 levels of lighting control design, long nights, why do language, hand to place, have their own good light.

  • Touch switch
  • Eye warmer
  • 3 files adjustable

The switch adjustment integrated touch top panel can be adjusted, the night light is tumed off, the touch is sensitive, and the operation is simple.

With Two Charging Mode

Wired charging Can be used with original charging cable

Wireless charging Can be used with back-shaped wireless charging

The indicator light flashes while charging and you can check the charging process at any time.

Multi-function shape wireless charging

  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Storage integration
  • Instant release and charging
  • 10W fast charge

The wireless fast charging function of the back-shaped wireless charging can provide 10W (max) fast charging for mobile devices complying with the QI wireless charging standard, which is intelligent and compatible, and is convenient and portable

Food contact grade environmental friendly material it is sturdy and heat resistant

Safe Charging 24 Hours Intelligent Guardian Intelligent charging design, with the charge. The wireless charging function is placed on the circular panel and the phone begins to charge. If a metal object is placed on the charging panel, the foreign object detection anti-heat collecting function is activated, and the charging program is automatically cut off to ensure safe use of electricity.

  • Object Detection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Overcharge Protection

Diversified design Charging storage is combined into one The wireless charging design combines the storage tray and the wireless charging module into one, and completes the diversified use in the simplest form. As a wireless charger, it can also be used as a desktop storage tray to store small things such as headphones, keys, accessories, etc., effectively saving living space. Can be used alone without a night light.

Product Details

  • Cooling hole at the bottom 24- hour protection electronic components
  • PU leather portable soft and wear resistant
  • Base with non-slip silicone pad stable placement