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34% off XLURC L106 Pro 5G WIFI FPV GPS with 8K HD Camera Three-axis EIS Anti-shake Gimbal 35mins Flight Time Brushless Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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XLURC L106 Pro Banggood Best Price DEALS

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4K pixels Powerful creative flagship
3-axis mechanical gimbal + EIS electronic image stabilization

Level 8 offshore wind resistance

This time, full firepower
It adopts more anti-shake eis electronic stabilization and vibration reduction and three-axis mechanical gimbal blessing, with remote Controlled ESC camera and GPS positioning system, 4K movie-level imaging system, enough Let your creation freely

  • 4KPixel ESC camera
  • 800m Flying distance
  • 5Gwifi HD video transmission
  • 8 level Strong wind resistance

High match, better than heart/ better than form

  • 4K ESC camera
  • EIS electronic image stabilization
  • Three-axis mechanical gimbal
  • 28 minutes battery life
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • GPS/Optical Flow Positioning
  • MV production
  • Multi-function return home
  • Orbit
  • 800 meters Flying distance
  • Hover
  • Waypoint flight

Folding type, easy to travel Define the new size for easy carrying, the body is about the size of the palm of an adult, and it is user-friendly and easy to carry. Put it in your pocket easily, and your small figure has a lot to do. No need to register to be light After taking off, it can be easily put into a backpack after being folded.

Your outdoor deal
Lighter and more handy

Easy to contro and carry Travel Shot” Take some photos that others can’t, let me Leave no regrets for the prepared trip!

4K pixels + three-axis mechanical gimbal More stable, clearer, better shot! The three motors on the gimbal are responsible for the rotation in three directions: front and back, left and right, and up and down. The camera can be kept stable at any time, and the shooting picture is clearer. And the market is huge Most of the propaganda three-axis is actually “fake three-axis” can only perform up and down self-stability, not left and right!

Three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal electronic stabilization and anti-shake 4K image (40 million pixels)

110° control Support remote control camera, 110° Large-scale shooting, free to capture more The broad field of view makes aerial photography no longer subject to Limitations

  • 120° super wide angle Wide-angle shooting with a panoramic view.
  • 1080P bottom camera Shoot from the top angle.

Three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal+EIS electronic image stabilization The camera automatically keeps steady at all times

EIS electronic image stabilization The lens has a built-in EIS electronic anti-shake system, Can effectively eliminate the shaking caused by flying Move, make the aerial photography more clear, let 8K The camera shines better.

GPS Smart Return Escorting the flight No matter how far the plane flies, even if you can’t see it anymore, just click one button to go home, Will automatically fly back to you. If the battery is too low or the signal is lost, it will return home by itself Come back, more security and safety. Novices can easily control it.

GPS + optical flow dual positioning Flying as stable as Mount Tai A new generation of flight system, using dual positioning technology, GPS positioning plus optical flow positioning dual Positioning allows you to easily and stably fly you are, and keep it indoors or outdoors Stable balance, better flying, better shooting,

  • Outdoor/GPS positioning Satellite positioning to maintain altitude.
  • Indoor/Optical Flow Positioning Calculate hover based on bottom camera capture

Brushless Motor Strong wind resistance level 8. The sea is still as stable as Mount Tai

  • 4pcs Brushless Motor
  • 3200Rpm Power output
  • 8 level Strong wind resistance

28 minutes battery life Real-time battery display Flew a few times, half the battery is left

  • 3800mAh battery capacity
  • 7.6 V Voltage High burst output

Charging remote USB convenient charging, cyclic charging, Long-lasting use, no assembly required The battery is more user-friendly and worry-free.

800m flight Upgrade and strengthen the home remote control system, enough to let you enjoy flying, Advanced 5G image transmission technology, the transmission picture is smooth and clear.

  • 5 Gwifi HD transmission
  • 600 Meter Image transmission distance

Smart follow
It’s so cool when someone else walks the dog and you take the drone!

Beauty + powerful post processing
With powerful and intelligent image processing technology,anyone can become a god.

50x zoom shooting
No fear of high-altitude shooting, easy to achieve free framing.

Real-time online my production
A variety of filters and special effects videos are even more stunning!

Discover more exciting

Gesture photo/video Make corresponding gestures towards the camera, Realize shooting after automatic intelligent recognition Photo or video

Flying around Net celebrity style 360° surround shooting, Take a wonderful shot with a different perspective Videos, praise the circle of friends.

Waypoint flight Draw what you want on the app map Flight waypoint, the aircraft can press. Follow the drawn waypoint to fly

VR 3D experience Equipped with VR glasses via APP, View aerial photography from the perspective of migratory birds Picture, feel 3D immersive.


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