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Xiaomi Xiao Shou Xing XS13-5001 6 Layers Cat Climbing Frame Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Six-Layers Cat Climbing Frame Cat’s Amusement Castle

An Amusement Castle For the Cat Combine play, claws and rest in one place The height of the climbing frame is 1.7M, and it is special design for the cat, with multi-layer spring board and double hole for the cat. Besides, the pillar is made with natural sisal Which is more durable. it can accommodate 5 to 6 cats to have fun or have a rest.

Multi-Level Platform + Stairs Training cat climbing ability The cat has the nature of climbing and jumping on the tree. The inclined ladders on the first and second floors make it easier for the cats to climb; the height between the three and four floors is increased, the difficulty of the challenge is gradually increased.

With Sisal linen rope cats loves to catch and grind the claws Use natural sisal material to wrap the column, healthy and wear-resistant and scratch-resistant to release the cat’s claw instinct, sharpen sharp claws and reduce damage to furniture.

Double Doors and Large Space Cat House X2 Set up two double-doors cat houses, suitable for multiple cat family, add a pet mat to make them feel more comfortable.

High Quality Plush Fabric Soft And Skin-Friendly Choose high-qualiW plush fabric, fit the frame, soft and comfortable, not easy to lose hair, not easy to pilling, easy to take care

Reinforced Protection Multiple Cats Can Also Play At The Same Time The base has reinforced protection with high-quality density plates and thickened columns. The stability is not easy to dump. It can withstand many adult cats to play at the same time, so that they can play safely.

Product Details

  • Hanging Ball Removable and replaceable
  • Natural Sisal Wear-resistant, scratch -resistant, anti-bacterial
  • Double Platform Design Meet the curiosity of the cat
  • Tree Hole Cat Litter The closed environment that cats like

Meet The Testing Standards The quality is guaranteed Less