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V9 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse

  • 2.4G
  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Double-sided Design
  • Six-axis Gyroscope
  • Shortcut Input
  • LED Indicator

2.4G connection without complicated pairing operation Insert 2.4G adapter into USB jack of media players, then it will work. Except for media players, it also supports devices including Mac/windows/HTPC/XBOX etc.

Soft multimedia Keyboard design V9 adopts scientific keyboard layout, supports several keyboard shortcuts which solved problem about text-inputting on TV

Perfect double-sided body Double-sided design and high-quality elements, V9 is excellent in product design and using sense

Six-axis Gyroscope There is a motion-recognizing gyroscope, which could simulate the track of mouse. Exclusive hover anti-shake function make it more precise Less

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