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4K Ultra clear camera

– Better color solutions
– The camera has a large bottom and the picture is more refined

  • Self-stabilizing anti-shake lens
  • Share photos and videos with one click
  • Add background music to add multiple video effects
  • The effect is amazing, the big pieces are at your fingertips.

Fly faster and farther, last longer

BEAST SG906 A new generation of professional-grade aerial flagship machine The Beast SG906 is the ideal choice for bringing together advanced technologies in a wide range of fields, outstanding image performance and consistent handling.

Beast SG906 -Black 4K ultra-clear aerial photography, record all the good.

Beast SG906 -White Cool moments, high-definition photos, clearer details

PORTABLE COLLAPSIBLE ‘BEAST’ Going out without a big bag, you can get professional picture quality and easily make a big movie.

SUPERIOR HANDLING PERFORMANCE Ultra-long control distance, high-definition image return, dual camera switching shooting, seeing the world from different angles, discovering new perspectives, recording exciting moments

INNOVATIVE FOLDING BRACKET REMOTE CONTROL The remote control adopts an ergonomic folding design to hold the mobile phone while unfolding, and the handle is comfortable and easy to operate.



Flight time 25 min

Flight time 25 min

GPS/OPTICAL FLOW POSITIONING HOVER More accurate positioning and clearer shooting

OPTICAL FLOW + GPS DUAL POSITIONING SYSTEM Breakthrough fixed height technology to make flight more stable, aerial photography better, and easy to make large movies

REMOTE CONTROL DUAL MODE Mode 1 mode 2 automatic identification switching

SELF-STABILIZING ELECTRONIC ANTI-SHAKE LENS The servo self-stabilizing function and electronic intelligent correction anti-shake technology have been added to effectively reduce camera shake and jitter and improve camera quality.

1806 BRUSHLESS MOTOR NOISE REDUCTION FAN BLADE Provides powerful power for the aircraft, low noise, long life and controllability.

DRAWER BATTERY WITH BATTERY INDICATOR You can check the power at any time for easy replacement (short press the switch to display the power, long press the switch to turn on the power)

“BEAST” SG906 EXCELLENT IMAGE PERFORMANCE Originating from the unremitting pursuit of technology and image quality, the “Beast” SG906 has better color reproduction ability, which can capture more light and detailed information, whether it is shared immediately after shooting, or professional post-processing, the effect is equally excellent. (Camera detail map stitching landscape map shows the excellent shooting effect of the aircraft)

HIGH RESOLUTION, LOW DISTORTION, LOW DISPERSION The SG906 is equipped with a 4K/1080P wide-angle HD camera designed for aerial photography, ensuring a compact design with powerful detailing

GESTURE INTERACTION VISIBLE WISDOM With just one gesture, you can shoot, whether you are a professional photographer or not, the SG906 can make a great picture for you. (Gym gesture distance 1-3 meters)

GESTURE RECORDING One-hand/two-hand control, two gestures, easy recording

APP CONTROL INTERFACE ANALYSIS Mobile phone control, real-time transmission

CREATIVE VIDEO – MV After clicking the MV button in the upper left corner of the screen on the control page, enter the MV interface to add background music to the captured video.

GPS Intelligent Following (following the distance of about 30 meters) After the aircraft links to GPS, the APP follow function is turned on and the aircraft follows the mobile phone.

Follow me mode (image follows a distance of about 2 meters) Identify the subject and perform an automatic follow flight.

Way Point Flight The aircraft autonomously flies according to the preset route, and the player concentrates on shooting.

Point of Interest (maximum surrounding radius 30 meters) Find the surround center point and set the surround height and radius via the phone app. Less