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LUKO 35L Portable Car Refrigerator Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]

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$209.99 with coupon code for [EU Direct] LUKO Portable Mini Fridge With Wheels 12 Volt Car Refrigerator 35Liter RV Freezer Cooler For Camping Trucks Travel Car And Home at Banggood.

Banggood Coupon Price :$209.99 [Czech Stock]

Banggood Regular Price : $399.00 Your Save : $190.00 Coupon Limit: 30 times Expires : November 30, 2023

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Dual Zones & Removable Clapboards

When a divider is inserted in the middle of Eurgeen 12v refrigerator, the car fridge is divided into freezing and refrigerating area, the freezing zone can be individually adjusted in temperature(-4°F~50°F), providing ideal storage conditions for drinks, fruit and frozen foods. Holds up to 36 cans of 330ml Coke or 16 bottles of 550ml water. (35L)lf you need a bigger electric cooler, remove the middle divider and you’ll get a single storage as a cooler or freezer.

Efficiency & Less Consumption

Eurgeen Refrigerator adopts advanced compressor refrigeration technology, Provides two modes of rapid cooling and energy saving. Compared with other fridges, the average energy consumption of our car fridge is only 45W, which uses the least power consumption to refrigerate food, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a car navigator. Reliable sealing performance keeps items cool for 1-3 hours even if the power is turned off during the journey.

Battery Protection & Humanized Design

Eurgeen 12V car refrigerator has a 3-level battery protection-H/M/L, prevent the battery from being completely drained. Built-in LED light for easy access at night. Drain holes in the bottom of the 12V freezer help with cleaning. Our car coolers feature rollers and a foldable handle for easier movement and storage. The handle can be stowed away without taking up space. The portable fridge with lock screen function to prevent accidental touch by children.

Silent Shockproof & Durable Material

Eurgeen electric coolers for vehicles has a low-noise cooling system, the noise is only 35 decibels during operation, providing you with a comfortable and quiet environment. This camping refrigerator is designed to be shock-resistant and off-road durable, it can work well on 30 degree rough slopes. The box of the car cooler is made of ABS and PP material, which is sturdy and durable, and is very suitable for outdoor activities of the refrigerator.

Bonus Accessories & After-Sales Warranty

Eurgeen Car Refrigerator 12V comes with 2 power cords 12/24V DC and 110 – 240V AC power input, suitable for car, home, indoor and outdoor use. Eurgeen offers a one-year quality guarantee. If you have any questions about our car refrigerators, please contact our customer service team.

35° Shockproof Keep freezing Not afraid of steep slopes, keep working

Expandable Cooler Equipped with a refrigerator and freezer area, the freezer section can control the temperature independently, the connecting plate in the middle is removable, and the two sections are combined into one, providing more space to store food, keeping your food in perfect condition on the go.

LED Inner Light When we turn on the car refrigerator, the internal LED lights will fum on, which allows us to clearty see the food and drinks inside whether it is day or night.

Eco/Max Mode The factory default is max mode. By pressing the setting button, you can switch between Eco (energy saving and power saving) and Max (maximum speed cooling) modes, allowing you to define your own preferences.

Wheel and Retractable Handle The stretchable handle and off-road wheel increase its portability, and girl can move it easily, too. Eurgeen car fridge is perfect for outdoor activities.

LUKO 35L Portable Car Refrigerator Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]
LUKO 35L Portable Car Refrigerator Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]
$209.99 $399.00
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