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€978.72 with coupon code for ONE Netbook ONEXPlayer Mini Game Console 7 Inches Touch Screen AMD Ryzen 7 5800U CPU, 16GB RAM 1TB SSD WiFi6 at Geekbuying.

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ONEXPlayer Mini Price DEALS


ONEXPLAYER One Game console


OnexPlayer mini

  • intel. Core i7-779557 Turbo max 5.0GHz
  • IRISxe intel Iris XE DIEphics 96EU Graphic execution unit
  • 7 inch 1920*1200 323PPI
  • 100W PO charge 20 mins charge about 50%
  • weight 5899 lighter PC+ABS
  • PC level cooling Large fan double copper pipe
  • Imm analog trigger 7.5mm E-sports joystick
  • 16G LPOORYX 4266MHz high speed
  • Windows11 Games and office
  • M.2 2280 SSO NVMe PCle3.0 x4
  • WiFi 6 TECH 802.11ax protocol
  • F speed USA4, 0 EGPU support

Back to your time PC Games  Onexplayer is a cool PC game console with excellent hand feel and good manipulation experience, which allows you to play 3A games in fragmented time without being con- strained by time and place after busy work.

Power, but lighter stay in your pocket

intel 11th Core series-17 be a desktop level PC in hand.

Equipped with Intel’s 11th Core i7-1195g7 processor, 4 cores and 8 threads, turbo max frequency is up to 5.0ghz, with iris Xe graphics card and 96eu execution unit, the dynamic frequency is up to 1.4GHz. Although the size is small, it has strong performance, so ONEXPALYER mini can easily play various host games at the level of desktop.

  • 4 Cores 8 threads
  • 5.OGHz Turbo max
  • 96EU execution

Simple fashion personality Family design style  Continuing the fashion design style of first generation, the black orange color matching shows a more advanced sense. It adopts skin like advanced UV customized coating, which is non slip and non stick to fingerprints.

IPS Vivid colors 7 inch screen, The better size in pocket  Considering portability, ONEXPLAYER Mini is equipped with a 7-inch full fit FHD IPS HD gorgeous screen, which presents lifelike picture details whether playing games, chasing dramas, watching movies or picture editing.

  • 1920*1200 HD resolution
  • 323PPI Pixel density
  • 16:10 Support scale setting
  • 100% SRGB

Design concept More ergonomic  The round design of the body makes our palms more fit, more comfortable and more ergonomic when holding the ONEXPLAYER mini.

S-curve design More suitable for palm  Increase the convex radian at the holding position of the back shell handle, so that the fingers can stretch naturally when holding the ONEXPLAYER mini, and reduce the palm fatigue feeling of holding for a long time.

Better analog tigger inching bumper Maintain the design of the upward camber of the trigger and increase it slightly, so that the stress sensing of con- trolling the analog trigger during the game is more accurate, and it is more comfortable to pull the trigger and bumper.

  • ALPS Original
  • 160 inching bumper pressure

Classic controllers layout More suitable for thumb radius  ONEXPLAYER mini version adopts the classic game console layout, the counterweight of the ONEXPLAYER mini is uni- form, and the finger fatigue caused by excessive bending during finger operation is eliminated.

  • 7.5mm Joystick height
  • 18° Joystick tilt angle
  • Anti drift Joystick automatic calibration
  • ALPS Orignal e-sport joystick

More realistic Immersive vibration motor  ONEXPLAYER mini version has faster motor response time and stop time, crisp vibration feeling, and can increase the realism of the game in shooting, fighting and racing games

LPOOR4x High frequency Faster than most of laptops Lpddr4x 4266mhz high-frequency memory can give full play to the full performance of Intel Xe graphics card. ON- EXPLAYER Mini is configured with 16GB dual channel memory, surpassing most laptops on the market.

  • 16GB Dual channel
  • 4266MHz High frequency

Large memory Desktop level 1TB storage ONEXPLAYER mini is equipped with PCle m.2 interface solid state drive, supports multi-channel operation, and can make 3A game masterpiece start faster and run more smoothly. Multiple capacities are optional at the same time.

  • 2242MB/s S Read speed
  • 1798MB/S Write speed

Optional storage: 512GB; 1TB; 2TB Note: the above reading and writing speed of SSD comes from the test data of ONEXPLAYER laboratory.

More Ports , convenient Qual full speed use-[ 4.0 ONEXPLAYER MINI has rich interfaces, including dual full speed usb-c 4.0 interface, standard usb-a 3.0 interface and 3.5mm audio interface, so as to build a wide variety of high-performance accessories ecosystem. a

  • USB-C 4.0 Full speed
  • 40Gbps transmission speed
  • Thunder Extension equipment

EGPU+LARGE SCREEN Be your desktop PC.

OnexDocking Optinal original docking ONEXPLAYER Mini reserve a USB 4.0 interface at the bottom, which can be connected to the docking station base, supports charging, Ethernet, video output, external keyboard and mouse and other devices to expand at the same time

  • USB-C Port
  • USB-C 3.0 Charge/date
  • USB-A 3.0*3 High speed
  • RJ 45 Gigabit network port
  • HDMI 4K output

High densitty fast charging battery Ceiling design of windows handheld ONEXPLAYER mini version is equipped with 10455mah high-capacity fast charging battery, high-density flash battery and 100W gallium nitride fast charging, which can charge about 50% in 20 minutes.

  • 40.25Wh (11.55V)
  • 8 Hours Offline video play back
  • 2 hours 15W full load game time

Note: it supports mobile power charging (PD protocol voltage > 5V),
The above data are obtained from the test environment of ONEXPLAYER laboratory

PC Level cooling fan Small but good heat dissipation PC grade high-speed large fan, double pure copper cooling tubes, pure aluminum cooling fins, combined with intelligent temperature control system to ensure efficient heat dissipation of ONEXPLAYER mini.

  • 85% The air inlet occupies about the fan area
  • 4.7CFM Outlet air volume
  • Honeywell Phase change heat conducting sheet

license windows11 Get your Favorite game, ONEXPLAYER mini is pre-install windows11, plays many PC 3A games including steam platform, and is compatible with steam OS. Windows 11 also supports the new DirectX feature, which can effectively reduce latency and provide a more favorable running environment for games.

Not only be a handheld Also able to be laptop, ONEXPLAYER Mini will not only be a portable game console, but also a high-performance game console at home with a graphics card docking station; With Bluetooth folding key- board, it is also a laptop for emergency office when traveling on business.

  • Bluetooth folding keyboard (optional)

Choose OnexPlayer mini More reason:

  • intel Wi-Fi6 Faster speed 802.11ax protocol, about 3 times than Wi-Fi5
  • High fidelity stereo surround dual speakers Make the game more immersive
  • Multifunctional shortcut home / start/ back
  • Nightmode button Easy to operate

Standard accessories

ONEXPlayer Mini Game Console Geekbuying Coupon Code [Ryzen 7 5800U 16+1TB SSD] [800P]
ONEXPlayer Mini Game Console Geekbuying Coupon Code [Ryzen 7 5800U 16+1TB SSD] [800P]
€978.72 €1114.10

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