Xiaomi Mijia 13.5inch LCD Drawing Tablet Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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$19.99 with coupon code for Xiaomi Mijia 13.5inch LCD Drawing Tablet Writing Blackboard One-key Clear Screen Eyes Protection Portable Colorful Handwriting Pad for Kids at Banggood.

Banggood Coupon Price :$19.99 [CN Stock]

Banggood Regular Price : $55.99 Your Save : $36.00 Coupon Limit: 83 times Expires : April 30, 2024

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Xiaomi Mijia LCD Drawing Tablet Price Deals

Highly sensitive pressure sensing technology Handwriting thickness changes with force Using high-sensitivity pressure sensing technology and smooth flexible LCD screen, the thickness of the handwriting is affected by the writing pressure, the greater the pressure, the thicker, and vice versa. With a fingertip or other object on the screen to achieve no delay writing, with the built-in stylus, the writing experience is better.

Customized LCD film formula, handwriting is clear Xiaomi Mijia LCD small blackboard adopts customized liquid crystal film formula, blue-green handwriting, clear and eye-catching display, both the real writing experience of traditional paper and the smooth experience of LCD screen.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Small Blackboard You could paint whenever you want, record the moment of inspiration

  • Pressure sensitive writing
  • Super clear handwriting
  • Magnetic absorption
  • Light and easy to carry

One button to clear low energy consumption, lasting battery life is more worry-free A zero-power LCD screen consumes only a small amount of power when it is cleared. If you remove L00 times a day, a button battery can be used for 365 days. Easily clear the screen and start a new creation.

No Blu-ray LCD screen, safe and dust-free The screen does not self-illuminate, and the optical writing characteristics are the same as those of paper. It is not easy to fatigue when used for a long time. Pressure sensitive writing, no dust, no ink, safe and hygienic.

Ultra-light magnetic stylus for more comfortable storage The weight of the pen is only 7g, and the whole machine adopts four neodymium iron boron magnets, which have strong adsorption capacity and long-lasting magnetic force. Say goodbye to the traditional snap-on storage, so that the stylus is easy to return to each time.

Unique pen body design, comfortable grip The runway-type pen body design can be easily held with both hands and hands. 7g light body, long time writing is not too tired.

Ultra-thin body, easy to carry The 7mm slim body is slim, light and portable, reducing the burden of travel.

Office discussion, efficient and labor-saving Group discussion, convenient communication. Sketch, essay, brainstorming, record team thinking sparks anytime, anywhere.

Super pen head, smooth and durable The handwritten pen uses a thermoplastic crystalline polymer known as “super steel” with a smooth surface, hard texture and wear resistance. The writing is smooth, the hand feels natural, and the child can use it easily.

Xiaomi Mijia 13.5inch LCD Drawing Tablet Banggood Coupon Promo Code
Xiaomi Mijia 13.5inch LCD Drawing Tablet Banggood Coupon Promo Code
$19.99 $55.99

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