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35% off A-BF Infrared Thermal Imager Portable Handheld Digital Display High Infrared Image Resolution – China RX-500 Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Best Choice of Fault Inspection 35200 pixels thermal imaging resolution Automatic capture of high and low temperature

  • Quick temperature capture
  • Automatically track cold and hot spots
  • Clear imaging
  • Fast image refresh
  • Full viewing angle TFT screen
  • Far and Near (0.5-40m)

RX400 Infrared Thermal Imager

  • Joint Masterpiece
  • High Performance
  • HD infrared sensor


New Upgrade

  • High-quality infrared imaging 160×120 infrared resolution Infrared thermal image details are more intuitive
  • Extensive testing applications
    Wide temperature measurement range: -10 400 oc
    Measuring distance: 30 meters
  • Fast, Sensitive and Accurate
    Temperature response time: 500ms
    Thermal imaging sensitivity: ‘0.05 oc
    Test accuracy: ± 2C or 2%
  • 5 Imaging Systems Black and white, red and white, blue and white, rainbow Iron red (supports USB data transmission)
  • Long-lasting Battery Life
    lithium battery: 3.7V / 5000mAh
    Standard USB charging interface .No less than 6 hours of use
  • IP65 CE Certification IP65 protection 2m drop CE certified, quality guaranteed


Comparison of Four Thermal Imagers Measuring the effect of the same scene

RK-500 has an imaging measurement range ot 0.5-40 meters

FAR AND NEAR Rangefinder measures 36 meters distance portrait. RX-500 thermal imager can clearly image.


WE UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS BETTER This product is widely used in medical, fire protection, archaeology, transportation, agriculture, geology, energy, refining, electronics manufacturing and other fields. lt is an ideal choice for electricians and maintenance technicians.

  • Motor device fault detection
  • Distribution box fault detection
  • Car maintenance fault detection
  • PCB board fault detection
  • Floor heating installation test
  • Circuit power failure detection


4 Types To Choose From Dimensions are manually measured and stored with small errors, for reference only.

  • Advantage 1

Recommended by floor heating users 35200 Pixels,220X160High thermal image resolution(only RX-500)

  • Advantage 2

HD INFRARED SENSOR Fast temperature capture 0.07 oc high sensitivity combined with vision camera Convert infrared thermal imaging to full vision

HD INFRARED SENSOR Fast temperature capture 0.07°C high sensitivity combined with vision camera Convert infrared thermal imaging to full vision

  • Advantage 3

AUTO TRACK COLD AND HOT SPOTS Accurately guide high and low temperature help users to quickly and accurately locate Center point measurement cursor and temperature Less

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