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51% off ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Camera Map Navigation Hand Draw Virtual Blocker – Black Poland Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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A Best Intelligent Robot

  • Lifetime Support
  • Fast Shipping
  • New Technology

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Triple Navigation

we sense,we think,we clean

New Brand,New Technology


  • With Camera It recognise Hundreds of objects tolocation itself, then do map navigation and accurate position
  • High Coverage Excellent software, Over 98% Cleaning Coverage
  • Sound On/Off Choose the Voice on or off on APP
  • Remote Upgrade Just one button to upgrade your robot to lateset software & Firmware
  • Obstacle On/Off Always go to carpet when mopping? Turn off Obstacle Crossing Button,so easy!
  • Point Where, Clean Where Instruct your robot go to anywhere on the map to clean
  • Software Virtual Blocker Maximum set 4 virtual blocker on APP x6 robot will not cross virtual blocker during Cleaning
  • Save History Map X6 robot remember your room’s map after first time completed cleaning
  • Breakpoint Continue Cleaning You can choose let X6 working after full charge or not Controlled by APP
  • Suction Power Adjustable Mute/Normal/ Max Cleaning
  • Electric Controlled Water Tank Pump Controlled
  • Water Speed Adjustable Slow/Normal/ Large

-Other Brand

  • NO Camera Do map navigation by Chip, less accuracy, less efficiency
  • Max. 85% coverage
  • No Choice
  • Normal Water Tank or Electronmagnetic Valve controlled

Want to say to you
Reasonable Struction + High-end Materails are the foundation of x6 robot vacuum cleaner’s stable quality. Imported Chip, Imported Nidec Motor,) Imported Battery Cells.

More Intelligent

  • Camera Visual Navigation
  • VSLAM Navigation
  • SLAM Navigation Assist
  • 2D Map Navigation
  • Hand Draw Virtual Blocker
  • Hand Draw Cleaning Area
  • Real Posiiton
  • Remote Upgrade
  • Single Room Mode
  • Regular Cleaning Path
  • Border Cleaning
  • Fixed Point Cleaning
  • Make-up Cleaning
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Voice ON/OFF
  • Voice Prompt
  • Smart Memory
  • WIFI APP Control
  • Brushless Motor
  • Alexa/Google Home Connect
  • Electric Water Tank
  • Cleaning Speed Adjustable
  • 2500pa Suction Power
  • Large Dustbin

1-Camera Visual Navigation

  • Camera Visual Navigation
  • VSLAM Navigation
  • SLAM Navigation Assist

Robot can see hundreds of objects to make high efficiency cleaing by camera.

VSLAM Navigation
With simultaneous localization and Quartic RSCI Processor Core Combined with Map,Navgation,Sensorsand Hardware accelerators to achieve more accurate p”itioning and m contruction

SLAM Navigation Assist 2D Map and Algorithm

2-Smarter Software and Stable Firmware Lifetime free support of Remote Upgrade(OTA) for both firmware and software, to keep your robot always in best position

3-More Intelligent on Wifi APP You can make robot work in different modes,set cleaning area,adjust suction power and water flow, make schedule cleaning,set virtual blocker by your smartphone.

Hand Drawing Virtual Blocker on APP
Set the Virtual blocker base on the map on your APP,

Drawing Specified Cleaning Area as You Want
You can draw which area you want to clean App will show to you total cleaning area,cleaning time.

Map Upload& Storage on APP
It will save the previous map on APP. When you use it next time, just download the map directly

Firmware & Software
Voice ON/OFF Function for your choice, one button to make the robot mute

4-Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home,etc.

5-Obstacle Crossing Switch If the carpet or threshold is more than lcm, you can set the system and make robot cross it or not.Strong Ability to surmounts,

6-Breakpoint Continue Cleaning If battery gets low before finishing a cleaning task, )(6 will go back to charging base to full recharge then automatically returns to where it left over and complete the rest job. Remember where the charging base , go back to charging base in shortest way.

7-Adjust suction power as you want. 1800-3000pa Strong Suction Power You can adjust the suction power by 3 levels

8 -Smart Electric Water Tank Electric Pump Controlled. It will allow water to flow only robot is working.You can adjust water flow by your phone. When you install water tank, it can make Sweep and wet cleaning at the same time.

  • 360ml Big Water Tank , For 120-180m²floor

9-Smart Big Dustbin Box

  • 600mI big dust bin
  • Unique leak-proof design
  • Hepa& primary filter prevent second hand pollution.

10-High Quality Super Wide Off-road Wheels Manager a smooth ride on uneven floors or carpets. More stable than other brand

11-More Cleaning Modes The robot has Camera Visual Navigation which is more advanced than normal map navigation.lt can see and remember the layout of room to make high-precision cleaning It can remember where has cleaned and will not clean repeatly.

  • zigzag Cleaing
  • Border Cleaning
  • Fixed Point Cleaning
  • Make-up Cleaning
  • Smart Water Tank
  • Schedule Cleaning

-Cleaning effciency is greatly improved
-Focus on the disaster areas.
-Clean the corner as well
-Schedule cleaning time as you want

12-Advanced Camera Navigation and Mapping System

13- Innovated Tangle-free Side Brushes The inclination angle of side brushes are closer to floor to make deeper clean.

3 in 1 V Shap Floating Roller Brush
Targetedly deal with variety of dust and debris.
It works as well on thin carpets as it does on hard floor.

14- Japanese Imported Nidec Motor

  • Longer Life
  • Stronger Suction
  • Lower noise

15-2600mah Li-ion Battery The battery enables the robot to clean a large house

  • Long life
  • High energy Density
  • Heat resistant

Working time : 120mins, it can clean over 150square meters’ room.

16-Various Kind of Intelligent Sensor

  • The Ground Sensors will detect the stairs to avoid falling.
  • Intelligent recognition of soft obstacles, easy to cross soft blind areas such as curtains
  • Twining proof, if the robot got wrapped by cords,it will make it out easily.
  • Electrical and Mechanical double anti collision design, can detect the object bigger then 2cm, give you a better use feeling
  • The Wall Sensors keeps the robot in stright line cleaning when it do boarder cleaning.


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