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26% off Aochuan SMART XR 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Foldable Phone Stabilizer With Detachable 3200mAh Battery For iOS Android 55-90mm Width Smartphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Product Features

  • Native Camera
  • Foldable
  • Gesture
  • Dual Conbination Zoom
  • Detachable Battery
  • 370g
  • Switch by One Click

Near and far virtual and solid, bifocal control Dual combination zoom control,rotating the focusing roller can adjust the focus(Clear/faint) Sliding zoom push rod can adjust the focal length (zoom in/zoom out)

  • Close shot, the person is clear the scene is vague
  • Long shot,the person and the scene are both clear

Change it if you want Electric power continuously Detachable and rechargeable battery design make it portable Continous battery life, shooting worry-free (For more batteies please go to our official store to get it)

Switch to horizontal and portrait with one click Quickly switch to horizontal and portrait screen It’s easy to start live streaming and shoot short videos as well as Vlog

It’s Smaller When Floded Foldable design,smaller and lighter no burden to go out shooting

Length 112x width68 x height 154 (mm)

Anti-shake Shots Are Much Clearer With a three-axis stabilization control system The moving scene can be clearly shown

Al Track Filming Gimbal automatically captures the face or manually select an object to realize tracking

LCD Display Functions are clearly Intelligent recognition of the gimbal mode, electric capacity and bluetooth connection status still visible under the sun backlight, master the actual situation of the gimbal at a glance

Smart filming The APP has a variety of intelligent shooting modes, simple adjustment of parameters easy to complete cool shooting

Intelligent Gesture Control Support gesture control to take pictures or videos, release your hands and show yourself Make shooting happier

Time-lapse Set the shooting time, the gimbal can automatically record the motion shooting and compress it into a few seconds to play, showing you the beauty of concentrated light and shadow

Hitchcock No need for complicated shooting skills, easily shoot the special effect of Hitchcock zoom get a charming movie screen

Inception Three clicks on the joystick to operate the Inception mode cool rotation, master blockbuster shooting and support gimbal’s own APP or native camera

Panoramic Shooting APP supports multi-angle shooting, automatic synthesize pictures Supports native camera panoramic shooting and presents you with a larger world


  • FOLDABLE DESIGN Fold once to store Small and convenient Easy to control
  • BIFOCAL COMBINATION The wheel adjusts the focus and the putter adjusts the distance
  • LCD Display the gimbal mode,power and bluetooth status clearly
  • REMOVABLE BATTERY Rechargable and removable battery design Change the battery if you want power constantly
  • THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER Comfortable grip and non-slip