AOSENMA CG033 Foldable RC Drone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

68% off AOSENMA CG033 1KM WiFi FPV w/ HD 1080P...More

68% off AOSENMA CG033 1KM WiFi FPV w/ HD 1080P Gimbal Camera GPS Brushless Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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SHADOW Foresee the distance, see you never seen before.

Portable , but uncompromising performance


  • HD Camera
  • GPS System
  • Surround Flying
  • 20Min Endurance
  • Easy Take-off and Landing
  • Camera with Holder
  • Gesture Photographing
  • Easy Return
  • Folded Body
  • Gesture Recording
  • Surround Flying

Record ing your life, better than what you see. The HD 1080P photo with distortion less lens, the excellent optical performance can record every memorable moment in your life.

Camera with separate power source 1080P, WIFI HD camera with separate power source, anti-shake scientifically, shooting angle can be easily changed.

Delicate folding, technology is practicability ABOUT 3 YEARS

Gesture shutter Gesture control The visible smart brings photography into easiest. Shoot a photo in anytime, anywhere…

Real-time and high-quality image transmission Smart exposure and auto focus on face, the details will make the transition of light and shade more nature and bring a better you

Gesture Recording Wave your hand, easy recording in anytime and anywhere.

Videoing The HD camera can bring you more details in videoing, which can let you acquire a better performance in the image quality.

Excellent Performance with Overflowing Fun

Brushless Motor Provide strong power to the drone, long life span and high controllability

25 -min Endurance The lithium battery with high energy density bring you 20 minutes flying time, let you fly all you want.

GPS Positioning The drone has adopted advance GPS flying control System, the accurate positioning will make your outdoor flying more safe and easy.

GPS Auto Returning The drone will record the takeoff location and adjust it dynamically with the users location, when facing conditions like low battery, no signal or receiving returning signals, it will fly back to the initial location automatically

  • Low battery
  • No Signal
  • Lose Control

Surround Flying The central and diameter of surround flying are set by the APP on the phone, after set done, the drone will fly to the center and start surround flying at the preset distance.

Electronic Fence The drone can only be flying at certain range, it will return automatically when flying out of the range.

Track Flying Draw a track on the APP, then the drone will from the start to the end according to the track.

Smart Following When switching to the following mode, the drone will keep the distance between the controller (phone or pad), it will follow the controller and if the controller stopped, it will also Stop.

Speed Control The speed of drone can be controlled, choose the speed you like and let it fly in the sky.

Between square inches, with one hand in control

APP Control, Real-time Transmission It supports the APP control, more convenient connection through WIFI.

  • Android
  • IOS

Foldable Remote Control The remote control is designed by ergonomics, the antenna and phone holder can both be folded, which will save more space. The hold feeling is good and the controlling is easier.

Control Instruction 2.4 GHz high frequency band brings faster response, advantages in anti-interference and longer safety flying distance. Less