APIX INTL ZQ-W02 Steam Mop Banggood Coupon Promo Code

30% off APIX INTL ZQ-W02 Steam Mopping Machine 140℃ High...More

30% off APIX INTL ZQ-W02 Steam Mopping Machine 140℃ High Temperature Sterilization Steam Cleaner 15s Fast Mopping Microcomputer Intelligent Control Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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APIX Light Household Steam Mop

  • 15s Fast Mopping
  • Microcomputer Intelligent Control Steam
  • Directly Add Tap Water
  • 1s Steam Compensation
  • Instant Heating Movement Patent
  • 140°C High Temperature Sterilization

Built-in Japanese I-STEAM intelligent steam atomization system

  • I-STEAM Smart Atomization
  • Temperature Self-check
  • Intelligent Control Steam

Microcomputer Intelligent Control of Steam Volume The heating control module has a built-in microcomputer chip, whichautomatically detects the steam temperature, can compensate for steam problems in 1s, and continuously and uniformly output steam.

Avoid local overheating and damage to the floor

  • Even Temperature Vapor Lock Layer: balanced temperature to prevent overheating
  • Fine Fibers: instantaneously locks moisture and absorbs fine dirt

Go Deep into The Crevices to Deal with Difficult-to-clean Stains APIX microfiber cloth, easy to disassemble and clean

  • Instantly Lock in Heat and Water
  • Absorb Stains
  • Caring for The Floor
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean

Carpet Board High Temperature Cleaning and Sterilization

Easily Care for All Types of Floors Does not leave water marks, drags and dries quickly and prevents mildew

Easy to Use

  • Add Water
  • 15s Fast Mopping
  • Start-stop Automatic Control
  • Flexible Movable Nozzle
  • 5m Extra Long Power Cord

Focus on Quality and Fine Details

  • Light Handshake
  • Up and Down Barb Design
  • One Button Switch
  • Flexible Steam Planker