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Water-free Mist Pure Humidifier

  • Adding Water
  • Touch Digital Screen
  • No Need to Replace the Filter
  • Add water quickly
  • Digital big screen
  • Touch adjustment
  • Timing setting
  • Sleep mode
  • No change filter
  • Automatic constant humidity
  • Water shortage alarm

Lift the lid of the water tank to clear the water tank sediment.

Reusable Air Filter High-strength polyester long-fiber non-woven material with good filtration performance. Can be washed repeatedly with water without damaging the filter.

Natural Evaporation Natural evaporation is caused by the vaporization of wind, and accelerated evaporation of water can improve
environmental humidity.

Fill with Water at Any time Add water at the air outlet at any time,you can add water at any time during operation,and you can observe the water level at any time.

4-button Touch Digital Screen

Chassis Water Shortage Intelligent Protection The chassis will stop running when there is no water,and the red screen will flash red water shortage alarm to protect the machine from damage.

Turn on sleep mode at night, the noise is as low as 45dB (A)

Waterless Fog No water mist is generated during the evaporation process,and trace elements, impurities and bacteria in the water will not be scattered in the air

4.2. Large Capacity Water Tank Less

100% Success

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Ma e humidification delicate and gentlemake life simple and moist

  • Fi Smart Control
  • 4.5L Water Tank
  • Healthy Constant Temperature

It s not just love but the humidity of love

  • Adjust the temperature at will
  • Adapt to all scenarios
  • Have everything you want

Humidification 300ml/h
Applicable area 20-80m²

Function summary

  • Digital display
  • Mist adjustment
  • Temperature display
  • Child lock function
  • Temperature setting function
  • Timing setting
  • Water shortage flashing alarm

Moisturizing and humidifying Minimalist fresh and white / versatile home creating an elegant home environment

Reach the lover you reach with your hands at your heart The amount of fog can be adjusted according to the indoor environment level by level, so that when you use it, you can adjust the amount of fog

Three gear fog volume adjustment, the most intimate guard for baby, visible and more reassuring

  • Touch screen
  • Constant moisturizing
  • Heavy fog

Visible and more reassuring Real time display of temperature, clear and visible re- sidual water, comprehensive understanding of home environment

4.5L capacity. about equal to the capacity of 18 250ml mineral water. Add water once, and he will keep humidifying all day, Add water before sleep, do not need to get up in the middle of the night to add water

  • 45L water tank capacity
  • Middle gear can last 22 hours

Constant temperature makes your homethe most warm harbor The comfortable humidity creates spring weather for you to live making the home a warm harbour.

The digital display screen is clearer and more intimate You guard it guards the warmth of the family

In a limited time, I want to give you infinite tenderness Regular humidification, lunch break going out, taking a nap. solving your problems With one click

Encounter you in the dream The working sound is as low as 35dB like a breeze blowing over leaves giving a good

Portable water refilling, easil and comfortably You may pour the water anytime and anywhere. Just need to open the cover. When adding water,please lift the water tank to aviod water lea\age.

It not only improves our life quality more importantly it share us with safety. When water is of shortage, the alarm lamp flashes , humidifier enters standby status. lt will restarts after water is added.

Using alignment design,the water tank is ‘light and easy to close It adopts an open top double-layer water tank design,easy to clean.

Committed to details and better life we assure every detail is the best.

  • With ultra-clear digital screen,it display ambient temperature in real time
  • Decorated with alarm lamp, it furnish us with safety and peace.
  • The water mist is high and will not wet the table
  • It is easy to know the water with a transparent ruler.