BEJEAL HJK920 Wired Mechanical Keyboard 104 Keys Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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13% off BEJEAL HJK920 Wired Mechanical Keyboard 104 Keys Blue Switch Retro Round Punk Keycap Design RGB Backlight Gaming Keyboard for Gaming Typing Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Comfortable The surface does not scratch
  • Durable Metal panel
  • Feel good True mechanical switch
  • Seductive Good shape and color

METAL FINISH The round and smooth surface is applied to the four sides of the metal panel, which is more comfortable when used, without cutting hands

METAL PANEL Adopt the composite structure of injection molding and carved aluminum plate, CNC computer precision west, strong sense of metal, anti-violent hit, durable!

MECHANICAL SHAFT BODY As the core of the mechanical keyboard, the mechanical shaft body has strict materials, meticulous workmanship, long-term pressing, low rebound loss, and a real gaming mechanical shaft

Each key of the mechanical keyboard is controlled and closed by a separate switch, also known as the shaft. It is precisely because each key is composed independently, so the keys feel relatively different from the traditional membrane keyboard, forming The comfortable and special touch of the mechanical keyboard is an ideal input device for game lovers and programmers.

9 backlight effects LGHT OF EFFECT Can customize the lighting effect of different games, and up to 9 kinds of colorful backlight display Less

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