BergHOFF Chicken Wing Wood Series Tool Combination Set Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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BergHOFF Chicken Wing Wood Series Tool Combination Set

  • Multi function combination
  • Imported steel in Germany
  • Imported mahogany handle
  • Sharp and durable

Cooking Tool You who study food can not be less than 18 martial arts. BergHoff tool set can help you to easily prepare all kinds of food materials. The knife type is from big to small, and it is matched with your good cooking skills, chicken wing wood handle is soft and not boastful in color, modern fashion has taste, and your style kitchen is easily decorated.

Made of stainless steel in Germany The cutting material is from Germany, and is made of DIN1.4116ROSTFREI high quality molybdenum vanadium steel made in Germany. The steel body is tough, and it is not easy to break, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which is durable.

The blade is very hard Cutting is not sharp The hardness of the blade body is the key to the long-lasting sharpness of a knife. The tool set has passed the German TUV sharpness certification, reaching the excellent level. The hardness of the blade can reach 58hrc. After cutting, the blade becomes extremely sharp, cutting and cutting, and is easy to use.

The blade is very hard Diamond angle The blade adopts the pure manual water grinding cutting technology, which has a sharper sharpness than the Jian Jian blade. The double-sided double-directional cutting edge with a diamond angle of 40 degrees 45 minutes makes the knife itself bear uniform force and stable edge. It is also of great benefit for future maintenance and re grinding.

Red wood chicken wing wood handle Soft grip and delicate skin The handle of the knife is made of imported red wood chicken wing wood for high-end furniture, ornaments and decorations. It is polished by many processes. The tool is comfortable to use and the silk is smooth and delicate. Chicken wing wood is soft and beautiful, and its texture is changeable. Each knife is unique and shows your kitchen style.

Seamless no welding Easy to clean /Long time as new The blade body is made of complete steel once, seamless and non welded, and the smooth pattern of the knife surface is clear. The body of the knife can be cleaned as before only after washing with water.

Vegetable knife / Slicer knife It is specially developed for traditional Chinese cuisine, which can handle meat, fish and vegetables.

Cleaver Suitable for bones of all sizes (chicken skeleton, pig ribs, etc.)

Three virtues knife The cutting point is round, which can cut meat, vegetables, melons and fruits.

Fruit knife The knife body is small and sharp, suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits peeled and sliced.

Kitchen scissors It is suitable for daily processing of vegetables, seafood, chicken and duck.

Solid wood base Neat storage, more beautiful Select high-quality solid wood as the base material, the surface is treated with imported wood wax oil, instead of the conventional varnish process, the nature of the wood is retained to the maximum extent. The base has various types of knife slots, all kinds of knives can be stored one by one, so that your kitchen is clean and beautiful.

*The knife holder is made of ash wood with slight color difference with the handle (subject to the actual object)

  • Edge sealing glaze treatment Bright, not easy to rust
  • Surface design of tool holder Easy snap of index finger
  • Smooth thick blade back Safe without hurting hands