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God operates with Betop

Intelligent mechanical handle
Beitop Zeus gamepad
Elite version

  • Mechanical button
  • Smart Link Dual Platform
  • BMC somatosensory mapping
  • Macro Function Programming
  • Custom component

0.7mm mechanical action key Half the stroke and double the speed Using the same mechanical micro switch as the gaming mouse, the trigger stroke is only o.7mm, and the trigger speed is nearly 35%higher than that of traditional conductive rubber keys. The 110g trigger pressure provides light and excellent key burst performance.

  • 0.7mm Trigger trip
  • 110g Trigger pressure
  • 5 million key cycles

Data from component specification

Link PC/NS multi-platform smartly Somatosensory control and vibration adjustment

  • PC platform
  • NS platform

The controller does not currently have an NS standby wake-up function. Please look forward to subsequent firmware upgrades to connect to the NS handheld mode. You need to connect via an OTG adapter.

ABXY positions can interchange Corresponding PC / NS button page The key cap nested structure is adopted, and the position of the handle can be exchanged according to the platform, and the misoperation of A and B no longer occurs.

In order to ensure that the keycaps are installed in place, some keycaps are slightly tighter in assembly and assembly. After the handle is in your hands, you may need to press the keys to restore the flexibility

3 groups of joystick components can be changed The high-remote stick resistance has alarge stroke ,providing a larger range of rotation, more delicate and precise control, and a shorter stroke of the low rocker group components, and faster steering

  • 6mm Fast turning type More suitable for fighting games turn in time
  • 8mm Universal type suitable for all kinds of games
  • 10mm Fine control type more suitable for racing games to steer drift

Four more custom speed dial keys, ten fingers move at the same time Add 4 mechanical custom quick-dial keys in the background, all of which can be used for key remapping, custom settings such as macros, combos, etc., with ten fingers operating at the same time to meet the professional control needs of professional players

* The spare parts are M1-B, M2-Y, M3+ A, and M4-X. These can be modified by the Elite Controller Assistant

Betop BMC somatosensory mapping, so that games can be somatosensory control

Betop BMC somatosensory mapping technology, without game support, can control the movement or direction of the somatosensory, can also control the character’s movements, play up and down, jump and roll, press down to change the shot and still turn left, forward sprint, etc. Game operation

*Somatosensory factory default mapping is right joystick. Please set the somatosensory parameters in Elite Assistant Yang according to the actual game environment.

Somatosensory function turns on and off:

  • Somatosensory control aiming
  • Somatosensory triggers character actions
  • Transform into flying mouse control computer

Key Macro Programming 8 big moves in one click

* Adjustable trigger time Adjustable trigger mechanism Adjustable action cycle

Free trigger stroke setting Use gradual acceleration when racing, and instantaneous full spikes when shooting

5 levels of vibration intensity can be adjusted. Shock can be gentle rough

Light effects can be customized Not only Symphony, the flicker frequency can also be adjusted

Comprehensive configuration software. Full-featured programming, defining God operations.The handle is equipped with comprehensive counterweight software. The buttons, joysticks, somatosensory, and light vibration can be redefined. Freely create exclusive God operations.

* Login Beitop Zuoyou Game Hall official website HTP on your computer:// Download [PC version) Install the game in the left game arcade. After opening, click [Elite Handle Assistant) in the upper right corner (Toolbox) to start the setting.

The handle is the mouse Just use Betop Zeus to control the computer.Equipped with FN multi-function keys, one-click switch flying mouse mode, multi-function combination with physical sense and joystick, you can control the computer instead of the mouse

  1. Lightly release the FN button to turn on the flying mouse mode. By default, the A button is the left mouse button and the B button is the right mouse button.
  2. By default, press the [FN] key, and press the [Up / Down Key] at the same time to adjust the volume.
  3. By default, hold down the [FN key] and press [BACK] at the same time to return to the computer desktop.