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  • Mechanical Wheel
  • Auto Pan & Roll
  • PhoneGo Mode
  • Fast Balance
  • Motion Lapse
  • Active Tracking

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Feel and Control the Focus Eyemind 2 is equipped with a mechanical wheel for zooming and follow focus. By rotating the wheel, in your smartphone the views are zoomed in/out smoothly and the focus followed accurately, a variety of amazing details and picture composition are to be created. Moreover, you can switch the wheel’s working mode by pressing it, then the gimbal moves exactly following the wheel motion along with the Tilt Axis and Pan Axis. With Eyemind 2, you literally have a chance to be a smartphone camera master!

*Follow focus function will be released in a future update of CAPTURE 2 APP.

Portrait or Landscape? As you wish! With Eyemind 2 it is very easy to do a fast switching to Portrait Mode while you are shooting in Landscape Mode. Forget the usually complicate experience with any other gimbals, just slightly tilt the gimbal to the right, it will change to Portrait Mode automatically. Free your hand, free your mind!

*Manually rotate the clip before powering on the gimbal is another way to enter Portrait Mode.

“PhoneGo” Instant Scene Transition Eyemind 2 really has something to thrill out your mind from the old-school gimbal motions you were used to. Activate “PhoneGo” mode and press the trigger, the gimbal will react to your hand’s motion at an extremely fast pace with zero delay in all direction. It knows your better than your shadow!

*In “PhoneGo” mode, the following speed can be set at three stages: slow/medium/fast.

Fast Balance, Less Time for Preparation Mount your smartphone, pull out the gimbal arm, and do a little more adjustment to make it balanced. You don’t need more than three steps to start shooting.

AI Enhanced Active Tracking Powered by advanced Al algorithm, the CAPTURE 2 APP can recognize human face accurately in Face Tracking mode. It is very useful during shooting when it guides your hand motion by following and centering the subject in the monitor screen. In Object Tracking mode, touch on the screen and slide out an area, Eyemind 2 will lock the area and then follow it in a smart way.

Capture Light, Capture Night, Capture Illusion Eyemind 2 invented two amazing photography modes, Ghost and Light Trail. Ghost mode is like magic, let the subject person pass by the front of smartphone camera fast, a series of stationary photos will stay in the monitor screen and be composited into one photo. Light Trail is for night shots. Find your shooting position and try waving colorful neon light bars in the range of monitor screen, wait and see, some illusive light trails will be created in the photo! Light and shadow, such a beautiful and incredibly parallel, just like your creative ideas!

Intelligent Time Lapse Photography Motion lapse and moving time lapse are not some techniques far from our smartphone photography fans. With Eyemind 2, you can make those professional videos easily. The secretly passing time saves in your memory forever.

First Person View, Upside Down In FPV mode, gimbal with smartphone camera works like a searchlight, and only the Pan axis motor can rotate, which make it possible for you to point your camera to any direction. There is no impossible shots any more!

*Max rotating degree of Pan axis is 270°.

Always Easy to Use Eyemind 2 seeks for extremely excellent user experience, the control panel is designed to be of both elegance and simplicity, two buttons and a joystick are efficient enough for all the manipulations.

12 Hours of Immersive Shooting Experience Built-in battery with 4000 mAh super large capacity, maximum working time can be 12 hours. Not satisfied? Carry your power bank and use it to charge the gimbal. Yes, external power works well with Eyemind 2.

Before using Eyemind 2, CAPTURE 2 APP should be downloaded and installed in advance.
*Users can find the application in App Store or Google Play Store by searching
“Capture 2” or they can scan any of the D bar codes below.