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Bluetooth gamepad designed for competitive garners
BLADE 1 E-sports handle

  • Bluetooth 4.0+2.4G connector
  • Support wireless connection
  • Support IOS/Andrdd’WlN system

Unique chip
Equipped with BT4.O+ 2.4g chip, bluetooth 4.0 technology, 8-meter transmission distance,stable connection; Equipped with 2.4g connector, signal receiving zero interference, output stable and synchronous, breaking the shackles of “wired”.

360° high precision rocker
Accurate regional positioning Equipped with 360 °high precision joystick, fast movement, 360° continuous output skills, one-second link, to help play professional player level

U-plane gyroscope etiquette cross key It’s easier to overtake on corners
The U surface design is designed for e-sp0rtS. It integrates the structural features Of 3D joystick and cross key to realize smooth rubbing and non-stick key, so as to fully stimulate your operation potential. Personal-
ized customization of the two button styles can be arbitrarily replaced, players can easily replace according to their own preferences

Double motor vibration Experience the immersive aspects of the game
The built-in motor in the left and right grip of the gamepad has a strong sense of vibration,which can satisfy various kinds of vibration provided by different game scenes, so that you can be immersed in it and have the ultimate experience.

Analog function
L1/L2/R1/R2 Adopt silvering process design
L2/R2 The analog function gives the feel of the sniper rifle

Turbo continuous function
Press (TURBO+button(X/Y/A/B)] to set one button combo,whether it is shooting is still a fighting game, and it is more convenient after acceleration.

Colorful LED light button
When operating at night, LED keys emit different colors to represent different states or modes, highlighting personality

High-tech compatible multi-platform connection
Super compatibility, can be connected to computers, mobile phones, PS3, Android TV, etc. free to play,to meet the operating experience of your various models Support chicken, pufu simulator

Cool and play games more to feel
Grip is used with anti-skid sweat soft gel,reduce operating sweat to avoid mistakes, easy to play the game

Carrying a mobile phone holder
Support mobile phone size: 45mm-75mm Less

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