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Magnesium Alloy Bicycle Fork
Pneumatic shock absorption, locking function

High-strength Magnesium
Alloy Shock-absorbing Front Fork

Shock Absorption
Unique U-shape design, more stable, slow down the impact, protect the body

Lockout Function

  • In-line control The damping function can be adjusted at will during the ride
  • Shoulder control Adjustable damping function after parking

Product Detail

  • Brake cable fixing buckle
  • Aluminum alloy air valve
  • Brushed metal label
  • Aluminum hook

O Ring Seal Silicone material Waterproof and oil resistant, Corrosion-resistant. The maximum stroke of the fork can be accurately measured through the height of the travel circle.

Part Whitish Problem It is normal to squeeze the shoulder cover during the assembly process of the standpipe and cause the parts to turn white Less