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22% off Bosidin D-1128 Laser Hair Removal 5 Level Energy Ice Cool Skin Rejuvenation 3 Accessory Heads Permanent Hair Removal Home Pulsed Light Ipl Depilator Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Bosidin D-1128 Best Price DEALS

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Precise Potent Skin Beauty
Bring you a more comfortable hair removal experience

Large Area ice pack 6.28cm² Large area ice pack  Immediate ice treatment Relieve hair removal irritation skin care

Super icy accessory head Freezing skin care, effectively pre-cooling the surface, reducing epidermal heat

Ordinary ice-sensing accessory head Unable to match energy in a humanized way, causing some sensitive skin to burn

Hair Removal
Happy to see new students
Medical hair
Removal is more effective without injury

Your Energy block 1-5 gear energy adjustable Find your own energy file

With 3 replaceable accessory heads, the body and lamp are integrated into one design, and you only need to replace the external head to open a different hair removal experience

Ice head Big area 6.8cm² (Ice type standard) Instant ice treatment to relieve hair removal irritation

hair removal Small area head 2cm² For finger, lip, facial fine hair, fine hair removal care

Large area hair removal Big area 4.5cm² (Body comes with) For coarse hair on thighs, arms, and underarms

Flash On the skin skin shimmer No need to wait every 1 second

Love dock Kind tips All lamps have a service life, and there is no real unlimited number of effective shots. This product can continue to be used after 350,000 shots, but the energy will gradually decrease. Under normal circumstances, the power of 50,000 hairs can provide long-term use for ordinary people, and the power of 100,000 hairs Less