BOYUEDA Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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38% off BOYUEDA 26AH 60V 5400W Dual Motor Folding Electric...More

38% off BOYUEDA 26AH 60V 5400W Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter 11inch 85km/h Top Speed 110-130km Mileage Range Max Load 400kg Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Banggood Coupon Price :$1289.99

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  • 60V lithium battery
  • 5400W motor
  • 85km/h max speed
  • Front long distance shock absorption
  • Rear high-end shock absorption
  • 170km battery life
  • EABS electronic brake
  • 11inch vacuum tire
  • Triple anti-theft
  • Dual LED lights

1-5400W Single Motor Dual drive, 2700W single motor, total power 5400W.

  • 5400W power
  • 2700W single motor
  • Dual drive

2-Dual 45A Vector Controller Dual 60V 45A current output plus 5400W tells the motor to increase heat dissipation design.

  • 60V 54A controller
  • Ordinary controller

3-Quality Front Shock Absorber 10mm preload adjustment function, good shock absorption effect

  • BOYUEDA front shock absorption
  • Other front shock absorption

4-High-end Damping Hydraulic Shock Absorption 12-stage high-speed compression and low-speed compression damping adjustment

5-EABS Electronic Brake Front and rear double disc brake design for efficient braking.

  • Front disc brake
  • Rear disc brake

6-High-quality Vacuum Tire 11inch vacuum tire for high comfort.

  • 9.2cm Tire width
  • 28CM Tire diameter

7-Bearing Capacity Full body aluminum alloy material, 400kg max load.

8-Dual LED Headlights 4 LED lamp beads, adjustable angle double headlights.

  • LED colorful lights

9-Backlash-free Anti-tilt Handlebar The force of the lever is reduced by 8 times, which greatly reduces the forward leaning angle of people during sudden braking.

Professional Details

  • With turn signal
  • High and low speed switching, single and dual drive switching
  • 60V voltage dual charging port
  • Meter + mobile phone charging port
  • Oversized pedal + rear handle
  • Oversized lock head switch


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