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37% off APP Intelligent Password Lock Android iOS APP Unlock Anti-Theft Security Combination Padlock Indoor Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Keypress
  • Backup password
  • Temporary Interface
  • 3s Change Battery
  • Unlocked By Phone
  • Password Reset
  • LED Indicator
  • Battery Status

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Support IOS and android systems, fully support more than 99% of mainstream brands on the market, and can be quickly paired with padlocks

Aviation Zinc Alloy Solid Body 98% of the total padlock is made of aviation zinc alloy, robot welding technology and 304 stainless steel lock beams. Stable and lightweight, the padlock weighs 80g, about half the mass of an iPhone.

Three Steps to Open the Padlock Wake up the padlock (blue light), enter the 6-digit key password correctly, then open the lock immediately. If enter the wrong password, it displays red light, please re-enter.

  • Wake Up Padlock
  • Enter 6-digit Password
  • Unlock Successfully

All unlock records are available to be checked on APP whenever and wherever.

High Performance Chip Currently we use the superior CC2540 chip of Tl company, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the battery and improves the padlock performance.

Emergency Interface, No Worry About Power Off If the padlock is in the closed state and the battery is out of power, you can use the new button cell, insert into the emergency interface, and then enter the key password to unlock the lock.

Large Capacity Battery We use the 2025 button cell which is commonly used on the market. After testing, a button battery can be switched on and off more than 1,000 times and can last more than one year at a time.

  • No need to charge
  • Long battery life
  • Easy replacement

3s Quick Battery Replacement When the lock is opened, the rear cover of the rotating lock body opens the cover and the battery can be replaced. (In the lock state, the lock cover is locked and cannot be opened.) Less