BUD JE-31 Large-caliber Lock Fresh Juice Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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10% off BUD JE-31 Juicer Filter-free Slag Juice Separation Low Oxidation for Kitchen Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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bud Large-caliber lock fresh juice machine
Original flavor “no moisture”

  • Separation of residue and juice
  • Pure fresh nutrition
  • Slow and low oxidation
  • A variety of delicious
  • Principle of Stone Milling Squeeze out the juice
  • Direct squeezing without cutting
  • 90% juice yield
  • 5S quick juice

Discharging slag and juice Remove seeds and filter, pomegranate can be squeezed The residue juice is automatically separated, and fruits such as pomegranate, grapes and watermelon can be automatically removed from seeds. Oranges, grapefruits, etc. are peeled and then squeezed for better flavor.

Original juice without water Juicer juice has no bubbles and no residue, grinding and squeezing makes the oxidation rate of the fruit slower, retains more nutrients and active enzymes, and is easy to absorb.

Low speed to fast press 60 rpm, lower oxidation, more nutrition The principle of 8-segment screw shaft antique stone mill, 60 rpm low-oxygen grinding, reduces oxidation and heat generation, and retains more fruit and vegetable cell walls and nutrients.

Make it simple It takes only 25 seconds to squeeze a cup of pure fresh juice It eliminates the complicated processes of cutting fruit, pitting, peeling, and filtering. One shot, one squeeze, easy to complete.

81MM larger inlet, 18CM length channel Fruits and vegetables are squeezed whole without cutting into pieces. Reduce the contact area between fruit and air and reduce oxidation. The super-long feeding channel and high-performance motor can easily cope with more fruits.

Stable motor, soft tone extraction Make a breakfast full of love, and don’t bother in the morning.

304 stainless steel filter Food grade material, safe and durable. Stainless steel is easier to clean, and it can be cleaned after washing.

Easy cleaning: When changing different juices, pour in water and reverse for ten seconds.

Thorough cleaning: After juicing is finished, remove the juicing assembly and rinse with cold water.

Rigorous material selection Tough and durable, easy to clean, no peculiar smell, and healthy materials for safe use.

PCTG material cavity Strong and durable, care for health This material is the designated material for infant products in Europe and the United States, does not contain BPA, and protects your health.

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  • One key operation switch Forward Juicing Long press reverse cleaning
  • Precursor large capacity 300ml large volume precursor
  • Tilt, push and pull the juice outlet Controllable flow Pull it out
  • Large capacity channel Can put more fruits and vegetables