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Coolman Gorilla

  • Panorama
  • Silver Mirror Tempered Glass
  • Split Type

Four Sides Open Open sides design make it easy to look around the internal view of the case, fans led light gets more dazzling.

Silver Coated Mirror Glass When the outside light is brighter than the inside, the glass will have a mirror effect and reflect the surrounding environment; when the inside light is brighter than the outside, the case is translucent and showing the case inside.

Tempered Glass The gorilla tempered glass is processed with multiple work procedures, such as heat softening, cooling, CNC, edging, etc, which enhance the glass intensity. Besides, glass is not easy to be broken when attacked. Broken glass particle is of honeycomb shape which won’t ’cause severe hurt to human body.

20mm Large Cooling Fan Gorilla is equipped with two 200mm large cooling fan, which shines red/green/blue led light.

240mm Water Radiator Install Location

Note: Only 120mm water radiator can be installed if you have already installed an 240mm graphics card.

Super ATX Structure Support ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX motherboard, ATX power supply, (Max)290mm graphics card and 140mm CPU heatsink, two 3.5inch HDD and two 2.5inch HDD.

  • 290mm Graphics Card
  • 140mm CPU Heatsink
  • ATX Motherboard
  • ATX Power Supply

HDD & SSD Supports connecting two 2.5inch SSD and two 3.5inch HDD, improves the speed of read and write in gaming.

2.5inch SSD X2 / 3.5inch HDD X2

Air Cooling System Gorilla is equipped with double large cooling fans and reserves a 80mm fan position.

Installation Notes

  • Power Supply
  • Installation Position
  • HDD
  • Position