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LITTLE GENIUS OF CREATION   Blockbuster product of it in 2018

You can print matters with the memory card directly    LCD, visualized operation interface, fast knob, high-capacity SD memory card Easy Print

Slot of the memory card  Store data in the card Build-in test model Specification Slicing software and drive

LCD  Previewed name of the print file Temperature regulation

Navigation button    Navigation button Simpler operation

Intelligent and high-precision nozzle  Metal nozzle with sophisticated techniques Stable printing and high resolution visual experience

Strong and durable motor  Not hot; no rust; mute operations Endurance test: Uninterrupted printing for 800 hours

High performance mainboard  We pay attention to every detail.

Self-heating platform   Automatic heating platform at the beginning of heating It can ensure that no edge warping occurs during the printing and provide stronger adhesive force.

Additional product: Adhesive-Paper Warm prompt: please place the viscose side upwards Please do not tear off the blue gummed paper.

Easy assembling of five components  Accessories have compact structures and can be easily assembled

  • Convenient LCD screen
  • Solid big framework
  • Absorption -type circuit board

A private-customized 3D printing age It can print student works/medical models/3D figures/toy graffiti

I am born for 3D Be on sale CTC Printer excitedly

Product Information

Product features  The number of print heads: One


  • Print technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Structure volume L 200ⓇW 200xH180 millimeters 7200 cubic centimetres
  • Printing resolution: 100 millimeters Layer precision 50-100 micrometers (optional)
  • Consumable diameter 1.75 millimeters
  • Material compatibility PLA / ABS
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4 millimeters
  • Type of printing files .X3G


  • Working environment temperature: 15-33°C
  • Structure platform temperature Printing ABS: 110°Сor so Printing PLA 50-60°C (higher temperature in winter and lower temperature in summer) Storage temperature 0-38°C

Mechanical positioning

  • XY axis 11 micrometers
  • Z axis 25 micrometers
  • Speed of motion axis 30 mm/s. 100 mm/s Recommended Nozzle movement speed
  • 35-40 millimeters/second
  • Nozzle extrusion flow About 24 cubic centimeters/hour


  • Software package Cura 14.0 of Chinese version (in SD card)
  • Type of input file stl, gcode
  • Operating system Windows XP Windows (7+) Mac OS X (10.7+)

Electrical property

  • Power requirement 220V 80W
  • Connectivity USB / SD card printing

Size and weight

  • Product size L 36W 38xH 43 cm
  • Transport package L 50XW 42xH 23 cm
  • Product weight 9.13KG (Including the outer package)

How much shock will it bring to you1   Large structure size Structure size of the printing platform:200*200*180mm

Putting giant works together after the printing

“Zero” interrupt printing technology “Zero malfunction interrupt” technology One-time forming enables you to expect artistic fruit with ease

100 micrometers It can provide the printing resolution of 100 micrometers while not affecting the printing speed.

Compatibility ReplicatorG software can be compatible with many mainstream systems on the market

Windows XP/7/8/10

Apple OS X 10.7 More than

3D documents can be easily obtained It is suitable for many kinds of major software of 3D design.

  • 3ds Max
  • CAD
  • MAYA
  • ProlE

It can match all 3D scanners

Dreamlike experience, are you ready? The era when 3D virtual world can be turned to reality is coming, but are you ready?

Five accessories are given for free All spare parts, tool kits, even consumable items are given. More importantly, they are all free of charge. You can enjoy the pleasure of pleasant printing this second.

One toolset One CD 30g of PLA filaments consumables ( 30g random color) One power line

A variety of colors can be chosen; enjoy your printing

Brand consumables, including ABS and PLA materials

Exhibition of printed samples They can be used in all kinds of fields, including archaeology, health care, education, art, architectureand family life

In-kind shooting with no ornament Less

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